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Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19 – Call For Artists

Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19 – Call For Artists

Fundación ‘ace announces a call for artists for the Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19, supporting contemporary artistic practices through promoting the exchange, debate, experimentation, and collaboration of work. The program provides time, space, and guidance to explore expanded and traditional print media. It connects the artists with the art scene of Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the Latin America cultural capitals.

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Deadline: 30 Apr 2018

Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19 are intended to produce new work, a project, or a site-specific installation with the possibility to show the finished work at the end of the stay. Fundación ‘ace encourages submitting those projects that question the singularity of the art object by using new media, design, and/or their interfaces, blurring their boundaries.

The program encompasses a period of  four weeks. Artists can apply for any slot for next year and 2019. Residency working time starts on first Monday at 10 am and ends on last Friday at 6 pm.

Candidates For The Production Residency

  • Artists who want to produce a body of work or start a project that involves production which may include an exhibition/installation
  • Artists who need technical assistance to develop new work with traditional or experimental techniques of printmaking or want to explore new techniques that require technical and conceptual advice
  • Printmakers that would like access to specific equipment to produce their work, editions, or large size prints with or without assistance from the master printer

Artists have two different possibilities of lodging. A) Aloj´ace is the guesthouse located twenty minutes from the ‘ace studio. It is the perfect opportunity to be hosted in city center around many cultural attractions. Get immersed in the city while spending the working day in the quiet Colegiales neighbourhood where the ‘ace studio is located. The apartment is equipped to accommodate artists and curators, fully furnished with a full kitchen and bath and all costs (Internet WI-FI, cable television, local phone usage, cleaning, linen, and utilities) are included. This apartment can receive up to two artists or a single artist with accompaniment. B) The artist may arrange his/her own lodging by renting an apartment or staying with friends or in hostels, hotels, or B&Bs. Buenos Aires is a city that offers many lodging options.

No application fees for Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19. The production residency has a basic fee and the artist can select other options including lodging, materials, or technical assistance. Basic fee covers studio space and access to equipment. The residency fee does not include travel, health insurance, and shipping expenses.

After receiving all the information for the specific type of residency, artists complete an application form which the ‘ace team will provide.

Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19 Artist Benefits

Artists that choose the Production Residencies Buenos Aires 2018-19 use the ‘ace workshop – a large, quiet space with lots of light coming from several large windows and two skylights. The shop includes equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new print processes including intaglio, monotype/monoprint, woodblock, waterless lithography, silk-aquatint, photpolymer intaglio, and artists’ books and drawing.

In ‘ace, residencies are not only opportunities to have time and space, but also support in a collaborative way of thinking. One of the ‘ace strengths is to have an accomplished professional team. The director, master-printers, assistants, and volunteers are a unique group of people specially trained to do residences and generate projects. They will help conceptualize and produce all kinds of projects. If assistance is needed to expand the project, produce work, identify and contact a specific community with which to work, look for locations for photography, or sound or film or incorporate printmaking as a means of expression, then this team is perfect.

Artists will receive full support to develop their project within a professional team with thirteen years of experience in the field of artistic residencies. They will receive online presence in the ‘ace website and social media.

About Fundación ‘ace

Fundación ‘ace is an independent artist-in-residence centre in the visual arts located in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. Residencies, exhibitions, international projects. and workshops act as bridges connecting foreign artists with artists from Argentine provinces with the urban and social environment of the city.

Its mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices that involve printmaking, photography, design, and new media. Artists explore their mutual interfaces through research and production residencies, promoting exchange, discussion, experimentation, and collaboratively work. The vision is to be an inspiring place to create. It strives to unite artists around the world and shorten the distances between old and new technologies and artistic genres.

Buenos Aires is one of the Latin American cultural capitals. In the year 2004 ´ace moved to its definitive space in Colegiales neighbourhood, Buenos Aires city. It is a family residence built in the year 1914. It was neatly repaired for over a period of two years with the purpose of converting it into the dreamed space capable of developing our activities. The restoration project respected the traditional structure of casa chorizo. It recovered all the original rudiments that the house already had, adding value through a careful and specialized restoration process.

The architectural space was re-structured on a base of three main spaces 1) the poliglota room, the public area for projects and exhibitions; 2) print workshop/dark room; and 3) library/digital media room, all complement a private studio named after the tower, a coffee and lunch area, restrooms, a deposit. and beautiful terrace that allows fun and recreation.

For more information, contact info@proyectoace.org.