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Rewrite Reality (Online Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Rewrite Reality (Online Exhibition) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) announces a call for artists for an online exhibition open call with the theme of “Rewrite Reality”. Our lives are being rewritten almost every day. All kinds of inventions and new technologies are rapidly produced on a daily basis and are continuously applied to human life. It is even more obvious now when the pandemic continues to spread. As many people have to stay at home, virtual experiences such as online shopping, online chatting, and video conferencing become a major life trend quickly, giving resolutions to people’s problems. The vaccination that we call for is becoming a reality in 2021, bringing hope to overcome the disease.

Can the rewriting of these lifestyles make human beings happier? How does our mind adapt to the life that is constantly being rewritten? Faced with the continually changing world, will the expectations for the future be rewritten accordingly? Under the expectation-satisfaction cycle, can human beings be truly satisfied, or just live as an insatiable desire machine?

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Deadline: 10 Mar 2021

There is no limit on the art medium, size, year of production, artist age, or nationality, but the submitted works should respond to the exhibition theme “Rewrite Reality”.

Exhibition Dates: March 20, 2021 – April 17, 2021

Selection Notification: March 15, 2021

Selected Rewrite Reality Artists Win:

  • Artworks show at an online virtual exhibition
  • Chinese-English bilingual online feature on the Independent & Image Art Space website
  • Chinese-English bilingual digital catalog to be published on ISSUU and widely promoted
  • Showcase the selected works on the internationally influential art platform: ARTLAND
  • Chinese-English bilingual artist promotion on popular Chinese social media: WeChat Public Account, Art Express App and ZAIYI App, on the platform: MEDIUM, and on international social media Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Priority to further events, including offline exhibitions in Independent & Image Art Space’s Chongqing space, art projects, art fairs in China and internationally, and other art events

About Independent & Image Art Space

Founded in 2008, Independent & Image Art Space is located in 501 Art Base, which is the most important art zone in Chongqing, next door to one of China’s top art university — Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Independent & Image Art Space has been paying close attention to the development of Chinese and international contemporary art. With an open attitude towards the global art scene and unique art vision, Independent & Image Art Space endeavors to participate in the practices of Chinese contemporary art development, especially to improve a deeper understanding of contemporary art in our society.

During the years, Independent & Image Art Space has held numerous solo and group exhibitions for artists and international cultural exchange events, displaying the artworks of photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and new media art. During the exhibitions, they present related thematic lectures, seminars, and workshops.

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Spring 2017 Residency Beijing China – Call for Artists

Red Gate Residency announces a call for artists for the March and April Spring 2017 Residency Beijing China.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 17 Feb 2017

Due to a vacancy on short notice, Red Gate is happy to accept applications for a one- or two-month residencies in March-April 2017. Spring is a wonderful time to be in Beijing. The weather is mild, the rush of summer tourism has yet to hit, and there are many major art events in the region.

Happenings in Beijing:

  • Gallery Weekend (Beijing): March 17-19
  • “The New Normal: Art and China in 2017,” UCCA (Beijing): March 19-July 8
  • Art Central (Hong Kong): March 21-25
  • Art Basel (Hong Kong): March 23-25
  • “Enigma of Existence,” Red Gate Gallery (Beijing): April 1-16
  • Art Revolution Taipei (Taiwan): April 14-17
  • Art Beijing (Beijing): April 29-May

Red Gate Residency provides artists, curators, writers, and academics with the opportunity to live and work in China. Fully self-contained apartments and studios are available either in the heart of Beijing or within a Chinese artists’ community outside the fifth ring road.

Red Gate helps all participants connect with the contemporary art scene, meet local Chinese artists, and source art materials. They provide the necessary support and encouragement to help get the most out of the residency and make time productive and enjoyable. Residents are invited to all Red Gate Gallery events at the historic Ming Dynasty Watchtower.

The Spring 2017 Residency Beijing China is managed on a not-for-profit basis under the care of Red Gate Gallery. They do not receive outside funding. Most residents attend with the help of funding they have received from their countries. Participants pay a program fee which covers accommodation, airport pickup, orientation, Wi-Fi, a welcome dinner, the use of a mobile phone for the duration of the residency as well as a welcome packet containing maps, guide books, and a taxi guide. Residents cover the cost of food, public transportation, supplies, entertainment, and other incidentals.

Spring 2017 Residency Beijing China - Call for Artists

About Red Gate Residency

Red Gate Residency was founded in 1991 by Australian Brian Wallace. He first came to China in 1986 to study Chinese language at Renmin University in Beijing. He then went on to study art history from 1990–91 at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 1988 he began organizing exhibitions for young Chinese artists which eventually led to the establishment of Red Gate Gallery at the Dongbianmen Watchtower. Since then, Red Gate has exhibited up to eight solo shows per year complimented by guest-curated exhibitions from China and overseas. The residency began in 2001 when Brian purchased a space to begin hosting international artists.

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World Contemporary Photography Archive Exhibition I – Call For Artists

Independent & Image Art Space announces a call for artists for World Contemporary Photography Archive Exhibition I, a new non-profit art project.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 30 Dec 2016

Starting from an internationally multi-cultural perspective, this project aims to catch the frontiers of contemporary photography art worldwide and present, exhibit, and archive the outstanding contemporary photography artists and their works in current times. The goal is to create a rich content, academically valuable archive with long-lasting efforts. World Contemporary Photography Archive will help the Chinese society get more and deeper understanding of contemporary photography art, enhance the communication of contemporary photography art between China and the world, and provide valuable research resources for contemporary photography academics study. Coinciding with the World Contemporary Photography Archive, Independent & Image Art Space will host a series of art educational activities, making more people feel the charm of contemporary photography art.

World Contemporary Photography Archive Exhibition I will organize through an open call to internationally artists with no limit of theme, nationality, or age. Independent & Image Art Space will select the works to exhibit from all submissions. All the selected works and artists’ profile will be published on the Independent & Image Art Space website.

Artist benefits

  • The selected works will be printed and framed by Independent & Image Art Space and exhibited at World Contemporary Photography Archive Exhibition I.
  • After the exhibition, Independent & Image Art Space will collect the works free of charge and exhibit the collected contemporary photographic works on a regular basis.
  • Independent & Image Art Space plans to publish related catalogs and art documentary books to systematize the documents and materials in the World Contemporary Photography Archive.

World Contemporary Photography Archive Exhibition I

About Independent & Image Art Space

Independent & Image Art Space is located in 501 Art Base, Jiulongpo District Chongqing (China), which is the most mature and important art zone in Chongqing, next door to the old campus of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, one of China’s top art universities. Since the foundation, Independent & Image Art Space has been paying close attention to the development of Chinese contemporary art, especially the contemporary photography art. It has presented numerous exhibitions of contemporary photography and related lectures, seminars, and salon activities. It actively promotes and takes part in the academic study, promotion, and education of contemporary photography art in China. Now Independent & Image Art Space has become one of the most important platform of contemporary photography art communication in China’s Southwest area.

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