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Threads That Bind (Brooklyn, NY) – Call For Artists

Threads That Bind (Brooklyn, NY) – Call For Artists

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) announces a call for artists for Threads That Bind: When The Fabric Of Social Culture Unravels. This national juried show is for artists working in traditional and/or contemporary approaches to fiber. Submissions must use fiber materials and/or processes (weaving, knitting, spinning, rug-making, embroidery, crochet, braiding, beading, needlepoint, cross-stitch, dyeing, sewing) as a primary component of the work. The final form of submitted artwork may be a sculpture, photograph, performance or video, or wearable or decorative art or fashion, as well as an embroidered, woven, crocheted, or dyed or knitted wall-hung or free-standing piece. Large-scale work up to 96″ in any direction is welcome.

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Deadline: 15 Aug 2021

Questions to ask yourself about your work when making a submission:

  • How have you embraced fiber processes during our sustained period of forced social isolation?
  • Does fiber making provide comfort, or do you use fiber processes to push against the boundaries of social constraints and/or civil and social unrest?
  • What does fiber making in the 21st century mean to you, and why do you choose these processes and materials instead of or in addition to more “traditional” art-making media?

In addition to images of up to 3 artworks, please write 1-3 sentences answering one of the above 3 questions.

BWAC promotes emerging artists. Threads That Bind will highlight fiber artists who have not been able to show their work, especially due to the Covid pandemic. Shows are free, open to the public, and well-attended. BWAC offers participating artists the opportunity to show their work through their online Artsy gallery and BWAC website platforms. Any artist can make arrangements to host an artist talk, invite friends and colleagues to the space, and take advantage of all the networking opportunities with BWAC.

About Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

BWAC’s 8,000 square foot gallery is in a Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront. The vista of New York Harbor, spanning the Statue of Liberty to the Verrazano Bridge, is one of the best in the city. Gallery-goers enjoy the nearby restaurants, bars, IKEA, and Fairway Market.

For over 20 years, BWAC has provided support for musicians and performers, offering performance based opportunities to participate as a major feature of opening receptions and specially themed exhibitions. Performances complement ongoing programming. The art exhibitions and performances are free and open to the public.

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Uncommon Thread: Essomenia (Baton Rouge, LA) – Call For Artists

Uncommon Thread: Essomenia (Baton Rouge, LA) – Call For Artists

The Baton Rouge Gallery announces a call for artists showcasing exceptional design and artistry through wearable art. Uncommon Thread is a national juried art event and competition. It is dedicated to being a unique platform for artists and designers to present their work and giving audiences a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Accepting submissions from all U.S. based artists. Uncommon Thread: Essomenia takes place Saturday, September 21, 2019.

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Deadline: 1 Aug 2019

Contemporary art, in many ways, often has its eye on the future, even when exploring the present. With this in mind, Baton Rouge Gallery is proud to announce the theme for 2019’s Uncommon Thread is “Essomenia,” an 18th century term meaning “to show things as they will be in the future.”

Baton Rouge Gallery invites designers and artists to make the unimaginable tangible (and wearable) while setting their sights on the world that lies ahead. Whether inspired to look 20 years down the road or 200 years into the future, Uncommon Thread wants to know what you foresee. How might technology, the environment, the political climate, interpersonal relations, or other realities change or impact other changes? What might be commonplace for our great-grandchildren that most can’t even fathom today? Can your “essomenic” design simultaneously tell us something about our collective today and our tomorrow?


The Special Guest Juror for Uncommon Thread: Essomenia will be Grace DuVal. Based in Chicago, IL, Grace DuVal is a wearable artist, maker, and photographer. Her wearable art designs have been featured in exhibits both across the U.S. and internationally, most recently at World of WearableArt in Wellington, NZ (where her Mind the Synaptic Gap won the 2018 Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award; and a year earlier, DuVal’s work was named Supreme Award Runner-Up and received the Sustainability Award).

Uncommon Thread Artist Benefits

Artists/designers chosen as finalists will have their selected work(s) featured on the runway during the Uncommon Thread event (09/21/2019), when one standout piece will be named Best in Show and awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

Artists whose work is selected will be consulted on all aspects of presentation specific to their work. This includes model, hair, and makeup, ensuring their artistic vision is honored and respected as best possible.

Artists will also receive two free tickets to the event which will include complimentary drinks. They will have the opportunity to converse with guests about their work and studio practice.

Artist’s Equity

Baton Rouge Gallery is open to the public, in a public park, free of charge six days a week. Most other similar organizations in the area charge admission fees. Being open to all, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds or other demographics, allows them to serve the whole community. They feature the work of artists across ethnic and LGBTQ spectrums. This is true of the visual art displayed and of artistic programming which may or may not include visual art presentations.

Uncommon Thread will employ a blind jurying process in selecting the works to be showcased. The juror will not be aware of any demographic information for individual artists. This ensures that works selected are chosen solely on their artistic merits. This prevents any bias against any artists based on their race, ethnicity, gender, and disability.

About Baton Rouge Gallery

Baton Rouge Gallery – center for contemporary art – is one of the nation’s longest-standing artist cooperative organizations. Artist-centric and a part of contemporary art in Louisiana for more than 50 years, it welcomes more than 18,000 visitors annually and has exhibited the work of thousands of artists.

Located in BREC’s City Park since 1984, the gallery is surrounded by a beautiful park that includes a golf course and multiple lakes, making it a special backdrop for this program.

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Material Matters – Call For Artists

Material Matters – Call For Artists

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) announces a call for artists for Material Matters: Breaking With Tradition. As an expression of culture, art is often unconventional, rebellious, experimental, and insightful. Yet, art, by necessity, relies upon familiar traditions to achieve its unconventional ends. This is why the better we know our traditions, the more cleverly we can break them.

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Deadline: 12 July 2018

The annual exhibition, Material Matters, asks artists who work in a variety of traditional materials to consider the traditions underpinning their work and the rules and conventions they break in method or material. Artists are invited to submit original works that change traditional ways of seeing by demonstrating a break with the past or suggesting a new way forward, whether toward logical or illogical conclusions.

The juror, Melissa Stern, artist and journalist, will be looking for artists’ work that illuminates their vision and scope. All award selections will be made by the juror. Awards will be presented at the Opening Reception, Saturday, October 6, 2018.

This is a national juried exhibition for artists 18 years of age or older working in clay, glass, wood, metal, or fiber/textile alone or in combination. Only submit original works. All work must be for sale. BWAC will retain a 30% commission on all exhibition sales.

Material Matters Cash Awards

  • Gold — $250
  • Silver — $150
  • Bronze — $50
  • Five (5) Certificates of Merit

About Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

BWAC’s 25,000 square foot gallery is in a Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront. The vista of New York Harbor, spanning the Statue of Liberty to the Verrazano Bridge, is one of the best in the city. Gallery-goers enjoy the nearby restaurants, bars, IKEA, and Fairway Market.

For over 20 years, BWAC has provided support for musicians and performers, offering performance based opportunities to participate as a major feature of opening receptions and specially themed exhibitions. Performances complement ongoing programming. Some notable events have included a long-running acoustic series, Red Hook Unplugged, an exhibition of Caribbean art and music, and the staging of multiple outdoor battle-of-the-bands featuring local rock groups. Musicians and performers from around the world perform on the BWAC stage on weekends from 1-6 pm throughout each exhibition season. The art exhibitions and performances are free and open to the public.

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Fantastic Fibers 2018 – Call For Artists

Fantastic Fibers 2018 – Call For Artists

Yeiser Art Center is now accepting entries for the Fantastic Fibers 2018 international juried exhibition. One of Yeiser Art Center’s most engaging and innovative international exhibitions, Fantastic Fibers 2018 seeks to showcase a wide range of outstanding contemporary works related to the fiber medium.

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Deadline: 16 Feb 2018

The show began in 1987 as a wearable art show. It has evolved over the years to include a compelling mix of works created from natural or synthetic fibers and work that addresses the subject or medium of fiber. The Fantastic Fibers 2018 exhibit is an American Quilter’s Society (AQS) sanctioned event. Paducah becomes a Mecca for quilters and quilt enthusiasts each April. It attracts more than 30,000 visitors from across the globe attend AQS QuiltWeek. This year’s AQS QuiltWeek dates are April 18 – 21, 2018.

Contemporary and innovative works created with fiber as the primary medium or concept are welcome. This exhibition is open to artists 18 years and over working in the field of fiber art. All work submitted must be original, completed in the last three years, and not previously exhibited in a Fantastic Fibers exhibition. There are no size restrictions. Up to five entries per artist are permitted with an entry fee of $25 per piece. All selected artworks will be featured in a full color catalog produced by Yeiser Art Center for sale during the exhibition. Selected artists for exhibit will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the exhibition catalog at a discounted rate. Fantastic Fibers 2018 will be on display at Yeiser Art Center from April 14 to June 9, 2018.

Artists may submit up to 5 distinct artwork entries with 3 images each entry. Each submission is $25 and should consist of 1 single artwork represented by 1 to 3 images (multiple full views and/or details may be included). A new application should be completed for each subsequent artwork up to 5 entries in total.

Fantastic Fibers 2018 Juror

Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, juror, is a fiber artist whose experimental techniques and expressive interpretations have earned him an international reputation. Arturo is one of Kentucky’s most original, influential, and significant artists. His work is in the collections of the New York City Museum of Modern Art’s Architecture and Design Collection, as well as galleries and private collections throughout the world.

“What distinguishes me from other artists working in fiber is my choice to mainly explore and recycle twentieth century industrial materials that have been primarily designed as tapes or films. Incorporating them into woven or interlaced webs provides for me permutations for my design concepts which are personalized into a visual vocabulary of the sky, water, landscape; and more recently, issues related to international and domestic politics, terrorism, the total nuclear threat, the cosmic realms, and personal spiritual beliefs.” – Sandoval

Fantastic Fibers 2018 Awards

  • $1,000 Best of Show
  • $500 First Place
  • $250 Second Place
  • $150 Third Place

Sales will be encouraged where works are offered for purchase, but work need not be for sale to enter. Yeiser Art Center will keep a gallery of 40% commission on all sales. Price your work accordingly. Work will be insured for the duration of the exhibition for the value of the work or 60% of the retail price. Artists are responsible for insuring their work during transit to and from the Yeiser.

About The Yeiser Art Center

The Yeiser Art Center (YAC), a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, was established in 1957 as the Paducah Art Guild. Its purpose was to promote the appreciation of the visual arts and their creation. It started as a small volunteer organization with founding members Mary Yeiser, Ginny Black, and Bob Evans leading the way. Today, YAC has a permanent exhibition space that hosts seven shows annually and a permanent collection of over 300 works. The center offers visual art based programming including educational classes, public gallery talks, and artist lectures. They have grown to employ a full-time executive director and full-time administrative assistant. YAC has a supporting membership program as well as many loyal and terrific volunteers.

YAC promotes visual arts by presenting dynamic exhibitions and programs. The exhibitions are chosen to showcase a diverse range of art forms, styles, and techniques. The center provides the regional community the opportunity to view original artworks, provides a forum for artists, and serves as an educational resource for schools, colleges, and community organizations. Through exhibitions and programs, YAC provides art experiences for children while advocating the importance of a visual arts education in local schools. They work to help interpret the visual arts to the region by promoting  regional and national artists.

YAC strives to be a good community partner. They foster collaborative projects where possible, seeking to secure funds and contribute time and expertise to support other community arts projects. The center serves as a cultural attraction in Paducah’s historic downtown district. It adds to the city’s overall strength and competitiveness as a tourist destination.

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