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A Single Grain Of Rice 2017 – Call For Artists

A Single Grain Of Rice 2017 – Call For Artists

Galerie Métanoïa, near the Centre Pompidou in the heart of Paris, is calling for artists to submit their small-scale creations on paper or canvas (works up to 22cm x 16cm or 8.6 in. x 6.3 in.) for an exhibition and juried competition entitled A Single Grain of Rice 2017.

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Deadline: 15 Nov 2017

The show will last three weeks, December 18, 2017 – January – 2018. Galerie Métanoïa invites the public to rediscover the world through a kaleidoscope of carefully selected, small format artworks presented in an enticing way.

Artistic approach – The Zodiac:

“Alongside the history of the world unfolds another narrative of the human adventure which is astrology. Man’s endeavor to decipher his destiny from an intuitive perception of natural phenomena has led him to conceive animistic imagery and symbols to reflect the correlation between heaven and earth. This vision of the world, which begins with Sumer and finds a new expression with Aristotle and Ptolemy, has exerted a preponderant influence on mentalities including religious beliefs and polical power. In the continuity of tradition, artists are invited to present their contemporary perception of the celestial sphere and its revolutions.”

A Single Grain Of Rice 2017 Grant Awards

  • Metanoia Prize: A € 1000 purchase award for the winning artist or the prize winner will be offered one week of exhibition at the gallery.
  • Monte Dei Fiori Prize: The eight artists who receive the most votes from the jury will be offered their own group exhibition within the Monte dei Fiori Collective.
  • Art & Design Magazine Prize: Art & Design Magazine dedicated to art enthusiasts and collectors will offer two free pages to one of the contest winners (value € 2500).
  • Le Géant Des Beaux-arts Prize and Great Art Prize: Specializing in art supplies and located in France and U.K., respectively. Both companies will award a prize worth €250 in vouchers to the designated recipients.

About Galerie Métanoïa

Located in the historical heart of Paris, a few steps away from the Pompidou Center, Gallery Métanoïa presents a selection of contemporary artworks that proposes to shift our gaze to the inner world. Marked by the Far East, but open to all traditions, the gallery endeavors to promote promising young artists, who allow us to see or foresee what precisely is not visible. Gallery Metanoia opened it’s doors in October 2006 with a presentation of New Mandala by Jacques Brosse (1922-2008), prizewinner of the Académie Française award for his lifetime achievement. Since then, the gallery has organized numerous exhibitions both individual and collective.

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