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Surprise X – Call For Artists

Surprise X – Call For Artists

artAZ announces a call for artists for Surprise X, the campaign that employs the power of art to raise awareness and funds about major social issues. artAZ is celebrating ten years of fighting adversity with art with their biggest, most exciting edition to date.  Artists are invited to create a small format artwork and sign it at the back. The preferred medium is painting.  Photography and multiples not accepted.

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Deadline: 10 Sept 2019

Aside from its charity character, Surprise is a showcase of contemporary art trends. Surprise X artists have the opportunity to participate in an international exhibition.  Many artists benefit from creating new connections, cultivating relationships, and receiving orders and commissions from the exhibition’s steady client base and visitors. Equally, art professionals follow the exhibitions with the aim of discovering new talent, which may result in new collaborations. Surprise X is extensively supported by the press.

About artAZ

artAZ is an art platform dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art. Its mission is to create links between artists, audiences, and art scenes around the world. It is the leading art platform in Greece, introducing the concept of the organised online art community to the country as early as 2007. Since then, the platform has opened a physical space in Athens and presented numerous exhibitions in Greece and internationally. Surprise is the longest running, most popular, and successful benefit art campaign in the country, presented annually since 2009.

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Greek Island Residency – Call For Artists

Greek Island Residency – Call For Artists

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (SkopArt) located on the Greek Island of Skopelos is offering artist residencies for 2019. Greek Island Residency studios are equipped for painters, printmakers, ceramicists, digital photographers, and videographers. Residencies are from two to four weeks from April-October. Perched high above the Aegean Sea, find a welcome respite from the hurly-burly world. Feel freedom to work in one of the best equipped studios in Europe. Experience the food, history, landscape, music, and the welcoming people of the island.

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Deadline: Ongoing

A Greek Island Residency has much to offer all ages and needs. A younger artist may need to boost their resume. Another may be working on a deadline for a project and require the time to work alone and concentrate on their project. Others may need time away from their culture and environment to find a different form of inspiration. Some bring friends or families so they may spend their free time in other pursuits. Others enjoy the exchanges that occur with artists working in the studio in different mediums or sometimes the same medium.

The journey to the island on the hydrofoil or ferry presents all residents with a 2-1/2 hour experience that is relaxing to the spirit and visually exciting as one leaves the shore and first arrives at the Port of Skiathos. It then continues for another hour to the Port of Skopelos. The quaint villages with red tile and slate roofs dot the mountains. The lush pine forests of Skopelos are in view. The coves and beaches tucked away from full view stir the imagination and call for exploration. The Skopelos staff will greet residents at the port and make sure their needs are provided as they make their way the short distance to their lodgings and the studio. The staff at Skopelos wishes the residents to find freedom to explore, experiment, and expand their artistic expressions.

Greek Island Residency Artist Benefits

A workshop is offered in painting, drawing, printmaking, and book arts on July 8-20, 2019. It is designed for all levels. The workshop begins in the historic Plaka district in Athens then continues to Skopelos Island. The instructors, Beth Curren, Carolee Jakes, and Cindy Tidler, are accomplished artists from the Washington, DC area. They have been resident artists at The Skopelos Foundation in past years. Their expertise in travel to Greece will assure participants a great creative experience.

About The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts

SkopArt’s location on a Greek Island midway between Athens and Thessaloniki in the Aegean Sea is called the green island because of the lush pine forests that meet the sea and natural springs that they say come from Mount Olympus. In spring, the pastures are awash with a varied palette of wildflowers. Goats and sheep graze on the mountains. Valleys are dotted with grapes and olive trees. Winter can be harsh with fierce winds. Some years, snow is heavy and welcome rains that replenish the water supply.

People have inhabited the island from around 2800-2000 B.C. On the area of Sendouka are found what look to be chiselled graves from what is said to be neolithic times but this is argued. Myths flourish from those times and continue today with all sorts of ways to do things especially to keep the evil eye away. Through the ages pirates, Romans, and Venetians often plundered the island until Turkish rule, though there was never a Turkish settlement on the island. Roman and Venetian ruins can still be found. In the 1960s, the state supported the development of the neighboring island of Skiathos, but it was left alone. In the 1980s, the town came under an order of preservation which has kept the village unchanged and is of extraordinary beauty.

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Neighbourhood – Call For Artists

Neighbourhood – Call For Artists

The Santorini Biennale announces a call for artists for Neighbourhood. Neighbourhoods are simultaneously geographic and ideological biotopes, political, social and economic spaces. They are common places without impermeability as different societies and cultures need to interact between them, especially when they are called to solve common problems such as climate change, environmental pollution, urbanization, social inequalities, intolerance, criminality, terrorism, sub-birth or population explosion, economic exploitation, production of poverty, and immigration. Modern diplomacy seems to run a marathon of sovereignty and enforcement rather than a process of normalization of relations between different neighbourhoods, thus interrupting cultural exchange and contributing to the creation of closed and fearful ideological societies around the world.

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Deadline: 31 Jan 2019

Santorini Biennale exhibits in 27 cities around the world: Santorini, Beirut, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Detroit, Montreal, Atlanta, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dakar, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin, Helsinki, Belgrade, and Izmir.

The Santorini Biennale Neighbourhood exhibit starts 1st June 2019 and ends on 31st July 2021. It will organize:

  • 27 main exhibitions,
  • 62 parallel events in 27 cites, as well as feature
  • 810 artists from all the world,
  • 3,500 artworks, and
  • 200 university papers related to the artistic theme of Neighbourhood.

All exhibitions will be organized by art curators and supported by local authorities. Every exhibition will run for almost four weeks including all parallel event programs. Each artist or group of artists can participate in up to two exhibitions during the exhibition period (from 01 June 2019 to 31 July 2021) and in the cities chosen during submission process or those suggested by the curators. Venues are spaces of about 500m2 to 1000m2 and have all required exhibition facilities. The complete list of venues and the exhibitions program will be announced by the end of April 2019.

About Santorini Biennale

The Santorini Biennale is the idea of artist, designer, and economist Kyriakos Papadopoulos. It is supported significantly by many Santorinian and foreign entities. The idea for a meeting of artists from around the world in Santorini was born in 2001, when he first began to carefully observe the richness of this dramatic island and became true on 2012.

Santorini Biennale’s mission is to promote artists that are working on the borders between different art disciples, allowing them to surpass the traditional, and perhaps limiting, concepts of classicism, modernism, contemporary, and applied arts.

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Skopelos Greek Island Artist Residencies – Call For Artists

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts is looking for adventurous artists that want to immerse themselves in and create from the Greek culture. They offer Skopelos Greek island artist residencies in ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpting from March through December.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 29 Dec 2017

Skopelos is a unique island with the contrast of light and color. It is the greenest island located in the Northern Sporades. The locals add to the extraordinary flavor of the island. The Foundation is set up to offer artist’s residencies from March through December. The Foundation requires a minimum of a two week stay and all applications are approved by the Board of Directors.

The artists that have worked at the studio range from newly graduated to mid-career. The Board of Directors looks at a range of things including ability to be independent, the project is not something that the artists would normally do, and it pertains to the culture in some way (it could be color, light, history, mythology, natural surroundings, and so forth.).

In 2000, a traditional Greek kiln was built on the Foundation property, so that people could experience ceramics the way the Greeks had done it for centuries. The ceramics area is open raw space with a gorgeous view of the neighboring island, Alonnisos. There is an electric kiln and wheel on site and a wood-burning kiln. The Foundation is affiliated with Nikos Rodios, who is a world renowned potter. He is known for his patented firing technique that creates a beautiful onyx which he applies to his work modeled after ancient utilitarian pieces.

The printmaking facilities overlook the Aegean Sea, with lots of windows so that the artists always see the light and the constantly changing colors of the water. The studio has state-of-the-art equipment so it can accommodate beginners to the most advanced.

About Skopelos

The Greek culture is one of generosity, kindness, and togetherness. The Greeks are happiest when everyone is included. If you sit down to a meal with a group of people, you don’t leave until everybody is ready to leave. In this social climate, people go out together for coffee, dinner, or drinks. When you walk downtown to drink coffee, you might find a laborer, mayor, lawyer, and carpenter all sitting at the same table, enjoying each other’s company. Their views matter, not their educational level, background, or income. In Skopelos, people can leave their stress behind and be themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed and the common phrase is ‘siga, siga’ — ‘slowly, slowly.”

Skopelos is a place that takes the imagination beyond what one thinks is possible if you allow it. It is for the flexible adventurer that wants to create and be engulfed by the Greek culture. If you want to have an experience you will never forget come work on your own or with other artists at the Skopelos Greek island artist residencies.

Skopelos Greek Island Artist Residencies


About the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts was established as a non-profit organization in 1999 by the Founder, Gloria Carr. The mission of the Foundation is to promote the visual, performing, literary, and education in the arts through cultural exchanges. Guided by the Hellenic history and culture, the Foundation promotes artistic dialogue between the Greek, American, and international artists. It offers Skopelos Greek island artist residencies

The Foundation has a Board of Directors which is made up of business people, artists, and university professors from Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York. It is affiliated with some of the top Universities including George Mason University, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Corcoran School of Art/GW, Pratt Institute, The University of Florida, and The University of Michigan School of Art + Design.

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