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100 Square Feet – Call for Artists

Halesworth Gallery announces an opportunity, challenge and exhibition to celebrate 50 years, 100 Square Feet.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 29 Jul 2016

One hundred artists will receive a panel of wood to turn into works of art for an exhibition at the Halesworth Gallery which will be made into 101 boxes.

Each maker is asked to contribute 101 pieces, each 150mm x 150mm. The pieces can be an edition, multiples, similars, cut-ups, or originals. Each artist will receive a box containing 100 artworks by the participants as a memento at the end of the show.

£16 fee. £9 for students.

Artwork must be delivered to the gallery by 18th August.

Box 101 will be raffled off for Sightseers charity which carries out eye operations in Africa and India.

The Halesworth Gallery is a small, volunteer run gallery in Suffolk, UK, celebrating 50 years of presenting interesting and unusual art.

For more information, contact email@halesworthgallery.co.uk.

100 Square Feet