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Solo Exhibition Opportunities – Call For Artists

Solo Exhibition Opportunities – Call For Artists

The Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery is reviewing applications for five solo exhibition opportunities for the 2018/19 season.

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Deadline: 31 Oct 2017

Notifications for the solo exhibition opportunities will be sent out by early January.

Five artists will be chosen to exhibit at Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery at Coker College in Hartsville, South Carolina. Gallery will provide $300 towards shipping or delivering of artwork, $200 for a gallery talk and/or workshop, and $100 to the artist chosen to judge the annual student competition. The five artists chosen to exhibit will be featured on the gallery’s website and Facebook page. Artists receive 25 color copies of a student designed poster. The poster will be used for advertising around campus and on the website. Accommodations for traveling artists can be provided upon request of the artist.

About The Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery

Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery prides itself in educating students on how to run a professional art studio. The Gallery brings artists from all over the country to exhibit and educate students on what it takes to become a professional artist after college.

Coker College upholds and defends the intellectual and artistic freedom of its faculty and students as they study and create art through which they explore the full spectrum of human experience. The college considers such pursuits central to the spirit of inquiry and thoughtful discussion, which are at the heart of a liberal arts education.

For more information, contact artgallery@coker.edu.