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Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency (California) – Call for Artists

Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency (California) – Call for Artists

The Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency (JTHAR) announce a call for artists for the group artist residency period of seven weeks, April 27 – June 15, 2021. Artists unable to attend this group residency program may apply for a 6 week individual stay at JTHAR. Artists selected for this program are at all stages of their careers and work in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, film, video, new media, installation, fiction and non fiction writing, interdisciplinary, social practice, and architecture.

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Deadline: 10 Jan 2021

JTHAR supports the CDC, state and local guidelines for limiting exposure to COVID-19 and is committed keeping a small, rural community safe. Each artist can work in uninterrupted solitude as living quarters and studios are private and resident schedules will not overlap. Participating artists practice social distancing, wear face masks, and diligently use hand sanitizers and disinfectants during their stay.

“It’s impossible to describe my time at JTHAR without words that sound hyperbolic, but they’re all true. Beyond unprecedented access to a natural landscape like none other, the Joshua Tree Highlands Artists Residency brought me into a community of artists and neighbors who will never cease to inspire me. When I told a friend about my work in the desert, she gave me this advice: “be the most wild version of yourself.” In an environment at once challenging, wondrous, and limitlessly supportive, JTHAR was the gift to chase the wildest, most fulfilled version of myself and of my art.” – Rae del Bianco

“JTHAR provided me with time and space to not only explore my own artistic practice but learn about an entirely new ecosystem and engage with a rich artistic community. The unique landscape of Joshua Tree is deeply inspirational. During breaks between working on large studio pieces, I would go outside and just paint what I found around me. These observational studies kept my painting muscles strong and ended up influencing larger works. This balance of having the studio, the landscape, and the community at my fingertips made the experience.” – Benn Hambuger

About Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency

Founded in 2007, JTHAR is a nonprofit artist residency that fosters creativity through opportunities for exploring, experimenting, quiet reflection, engagement, and cross-cultural exchange with the vibrant local artist community. The program establishes spaces where inspiration happens on a daily basis. Artists innovate, change the cultural landscape, and generate a fresh look at the way we connect to each other and to the world. Each year, 4-6 artists from around the world create work amidst the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park, a spectacular and unique setting. The space has 15 years of providing a creative environment for artists and writers.

For more information, contact info@jthar.com