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Firehouse Exhibitions 2020 (Longmont, CO) – Call for Artists

Firehouse Exhibitions 2020 (Longmont, CO) – Call for Artists

The Firehouse Art Center announces a call for artists for the Firehouse exhibitions 2020. The eight member exhibitions committee consists of artists, art administrators, business professionals, curators, and art collectors. Preference is given to submissions that are culturally relevant, with a unique perspective, and the ability to provide a diverse art experience. Cutting edge contemporary work and multi-disciplinary artists are strongly encouraged. Group exhibitions, curatorial proposals, solo exhibition proposals are welcomed.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 30 Sept 2019

Chosen artists for the Firehouse exhibitions 2020 will have the opportunity to exhibit at the Firehouse Art Center, either through a successful exhibition proposal, solo exhibition, or group exhibition, during the 2020 calendar year. The location in beautiful downtown Longmont is only a short drive from Denver or Boulder. The gallery has developed a reputation for exhibiting artists whose work engages the community with thought-provoking concepts skillfully executed. Firehouse Art Center promotes new ideas and exciting work through Instagram, Facebook, local media, and partnerships with local nonprofit educational and social organizations. Artists have the opportunity to teach accompanying workshops and host artist talks that are shared with the Firehouse Art Center’s audience.

About the Firehouse Art Center

The mission of the Firehouse Art Center is to promote cultural awareness of the arts in the community by providing diverse educational programs, events and curation of local, regional, and national exhibits. The Firehouse Art Center is the leading contemporary art space in downtown Longmont, Colorado. As a cornerstone of the Creative District, they exhibit thought provoking work in all mediums, including installation, film and performance art.

The Firehouse Art Center is Longmont’s leading contemporary art center featuring both national and local artists. The beautiful National Historic Landmark building features two exhibitions spaces and over 1,000 square feet of space. In 2018, they exhibited 108 artists in 19 unique exhibitions. New exhibitions are installed almost every month. They focus on accessible contemporary art that engages curiosity and conversation. Admission to the Firehouse is free and serves over 7,500 visitors each year. They were voted the Best Art Gallery in East Boulder County for 7 years in a row and the Times Call Readers Choice for Best Art Gallery 6 years in a row.

For more information, contact gallery@firehouseart.org.

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The Silence Is Over – Call For Artists

The Silence Is Over – Call For Artists

Infuse Gallery announces a call for artists for The Silence is Over: : A Journey of Empowerment from Survivors of Sexual Abuses.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 1 Mar 2017

The Silence Is Over is an invitation to join a global community of artists that are ending the silence and shame around our stories of sexual trauma and, instead, are offering them as an opportunity and celebration of empowerment. It is a call to the rest of the world to set a higher standard and end these atrocities. We live in a divided time where fear and intimidation are rampant. By telling our stories we are letting go of fear, honoring our pain we have endured, and celebrating our return to empowerment and wholeness. We are inviting others to join us in this next stage of calling forward a better, unified world that is free from abuse.

Artists will be part of a permanent virtual exhibition on the Infuse Gallery website and several will be selected for a physical exhibition in Summer of 2017. Sales from this exhibition will benefit the artists and two nonprofit organizations: PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) which offers awareness campaigns and support programs to survivors of sexual assault and Blossomy which works with survivors of human trafficking in India. Each artist’s story is an opportunity to help these organizations and other survivors like them as a means of uniting, empowering, and fund-raising through sales of the art in this exhibit.

About Infuse Gallery

Infuse Gallery mission is to use art as a vehicle for global change. We have partnered with several nonprofits. For each piece of art sold, a percentage of the sale is donated directly back to them. We represent artists with world-wide success while also providing a platform to those served through the nonprofits to sell their art in the gallery. This gives them creative and financial empowerment and an opportunity to give back to those who helped them.

We showcase some of the world’s best artistic talent. Every artist in Infuse Gallery selects one of our partner nonprofits for which to donate. They select the percentage from their portion of the sale and Infuse Gallery matches the contribution.

Whether you buy a painting from a school girl in Afghanistan, man living under a bridge in Denver, or career artist who has shown their work in galleries and museums internationally, you can buy this art knowing your purchase has changed a life for the better and helped a charity grow.

For more information, contact kyra@infuse.gallery.

The Silence Is Over


2016 Exhibitions – Call for Artists

The Firehouse Art Center is now accepting applications for our 2016 exhibition calendar.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 18 Sept 2015

$30 entry fee, 6 images (300 dpi, jpeg images), artist bio and statement, proposal for exhibition, and documentation of artwork submitted (title, dimension, media, and price) required.

Our beautiful National Historic Landmark building features two exhibitions spaces and over 1,000 square feet of space. We are looking for established and emerging artists in all mediums are welcome including film, music and installation.

Multidisciplinary artists work encouraged. Group exhibitions and curatorial proposals are welcomed, as well as solo exhibition proposals. We may combine several artists into one exhibition.

Jurors will be looking for submissions that are culturally relevant with a unique perspective and the ability to provide a diverse art experience. Contemporary work is encouraged. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

The mission of the Firehouse Art Center is to raise cultural awareness and understanding of the arts in the regional community through classes for all ages, lectures, events, and visual art exhibits of regional and national artists.

The Firehouse Art Center is the leading contemporary art space in Longmont. Artists gain exposure to a new audience and buyers. Many of our artists showing for the first time are placed in other galleries after their show.

The Firehouse is open approximately 238 days each year with no admission fee. We serve over 2,000 visitors from Boulder County and the region. New exhibitions are installed almost every month and in two spaces. In 2014 over 110 individual artists were exhibited. Our focus is primarily contemporary art within the context of accessible art. During the Longmont Creative District monthly 2nd Friday, we host opening receptions where visitors to meet and mingle with our artists.

For more information, contact gallery@firehouseart.org.

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