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KIRA Residency (St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada) – Call For Artists

KIRA Residency (St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts (KIRA) announces a call for artists for the KIRA Residency – 2023 Artist in Residence Program taking place from September 16th, 2023 until October 14th, 2023.

Every year KIRA awards 6 artists with a one month residency. Artists are provided with individual studio space, comfortable housing, two prepared meals each day, a stipend, and live on a historic property in a beautiful seaside town. To ensure availability of required supplies and provisions, artists should bring all supplies and materials needed for their creative process.

As part of the residency, artists will be asked to engage with the community for up to six hours a week. These engagements will vary based on skills and interest and can include a partnership with Kingsbrae Garden which is located just steps away from the residence and studios.

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Enter by: 30 November 2022

Applications are open to a range of disciplines and types of artists including but not limited to the visual arts, music/composition, writing, new media, and interdisciplinary arts. Artists from all levels in their career who exhibit a strong professional work ethic and a collaborative attitude are encouraged to apply.

Each selected artist will receive a $1,500.00 stipend. For their residency, the artists will be accommodated in an historic estate and have access to a private freestanding studio and meals prepared by a private chef. This residency is designed to inspire international artists by the natural beauty of the Bay of Fundy, St Andrews, and connecting award winning Kingsbrae Garden. During the month long residency, you will have the opportunity to learn from the other artists and showcase your work to the community during three Open Studio days.


“Our days were filled with biking, sight seeing, art and most importantly, the Kingsbrae Gardens. The gardens were a bottomless source of beauty and inspiration. It was greatly freeing to just be able to work without having to worry about the mundane realities of everyday life. I could ensconce myself in my studio space and just let things flow. In all, I completed 17 new pieces in 28 days, a personal record for me. Each Saturday we would open our studios to the public and another wonderful experience occurred, as I was able to meet people from all over the east coast of Canada and the United States. Some of them were people who just enjoyed art and were a pleasure to meet. Others were connoisseurs, people who collect beautiful works of art from around the world, and were sitting in my studio, looking at my work. Still others were artists themselves, and these were the visits I cherished the most, as they almost always had words of wisdom that I could apply to my work.” – Michaela Hoppe

“For me, KIRA started the inspiration for a quite significant shift in perspective. The KIRA residency experience can be profound. Inspirations come from trips to rocky beaches, time in the peaceful gardens, brilliant dinner conversations with amazing people, and inspiring life lessons learned from spending time with other artists. You will have days of full immersion in a lovely studio of your own, with great meals and beautiful private accommodations, plus wonderful things to see and do, right within walking distance. I could not have asked for anything more perfect! This is a world-class residency program, still quite new, already developing an amazing reputation. It is truly a unique opportunity.” – Susan Neilson

“This last month that began in a state of overwhelming bliss is ending in a comfortable state of contemplation and renewed sense of creativity. My adventure in St. Andrews may feel like it is over, but in fact it is just the beginning. My connection to this place lives on. We gathered each night for dinner promptly at 6pm. We ate, we laughed, we talked, I learned so much from these amazing people. I am a better person because of them and a better artist because of KIRA. It’s is such an amazing program for artists. I can not over emphasis this enough.” – Kristofer Parley

About Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts

Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts (KIRA) is a state of the art facility that was founded to bring a variety of international artists into rural New Brunswick. You will be occupying a private room in a historic estate that has hosted many famous icons such as Irving Berlin and William Van Horne. On the large property, you will find 6 brand new freestanding artist studios that are designed to encourage your creativity. KIRA is the home of Atlantic Canada’s largest amphitheater hosting a variety of shows throughout the season. Connecting to KIRA, you will have access to award winning Kingsbrae Garden from sunrise to sunset.

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