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Performance Festival 2020 (Toronto, Canada) – Call For Artists

Performance Festival 2020 (Toronto, Canada) – Call For Artists

SummerWorks Performance Festival 2020 is widely recognized as one of the most vital platforms for launching new performance in Canada. They are seeking proposals for the 30th edition, taking place August 6th-16th in Toronto, Canada. Proposals are assessed and curated on artistic merit, clarity of vision, and feasibility as well as on how the project relates to other selected works. Why you care about this work? What excites you about your project? Why you think it’s important? Why is SummerWorks the right context for you and this project now?

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Deadline: 10 Jan 2020

SummerWorks Presentations: SummerWorks seeks proposals for new projects that will be ready for presentation in August 2020. They are interested in works and artists that tackle urgent and complex questions of our time; that celebrate curiosity, wonder and adventure; and that expand the possibilities of what performance can be. Works for theatre, gallery, outdoor, and non-traditional settings are welcome, as are proposals for site-specific and immersive contexts. Proposed works should have some previous development or presentation history.

SummerWorks Lab: The SummerWorks Lab is a place for exploration, experimentation, and process. SummerWorks invites proposals for projects to be shared with an audience at a crucial stage of development as well as experiments that use the Festival as a laboratory to test new ideas. Works for theatre, gallery, outdoor, and non-traditional settings are welcome, as are proposals for site-specific and immersive contexts. Of particular interest are projects that will benefit from audience engagement and feedback during the Festival, with the potential of this to inform the future of the work.

Public Works: The Public Works programming brings artists and audiences together in the public realm to experience Toronto in new ways. How does the city shape how we move? What else is possible? How can this be realized through performance? Of particular interest are projects that play with momentum and time. Proposals for outdoor, non-traditional,  site-specific and immersive contexts are expected; and works created for audiences to traverse a location or the landscape of Toronto are encouraged. 3-5 projects will be selected for this special call and provided a guaranteed fee of $1,500 CAD to $5,000 CAD (dependent on scale and budget of the project). These performances will be free to the public and should be designed with accessibility in mind.

Performance Festival 2020 Artist Benefits

  • The Performance Festival 2020 provides a framework, which includes publicity and marketing, technical and performance scheduling, box office, front of house management, and administrative support. If you’re not in an outdoors, non-traditional or site-specific venue we’ll also provide a venue, technical staff and lighting designer.
  • Presentations can expect 5 performances in the Festival.
  • Labs can expect 3 performances in the Festival.
  • Artists participating in Presentations or Labs will receive 70% of their box office revenue.
  • Artists participating in Public Works will be provided a guaranteed fee of $1,500 CAD to $5,000 CAD; dependent on scale and budget of the project.
  • Projects are typically provided 30 – 60 minute timeslots. If your project is longer, please explain in your proposal. If your project is 30 minutes or less you’ll be considered for curation as a double-bill with another performance work.
  • Access to free workshops from industry leaders in producing, marketing, production, audience engagement and accessibility.
  • An artist pass, providing you with highly discounted rates for all performances, events and free access to workshops during the 11-day Festival.
  • An engaged and collaborative team. We provide mentorship and advice for all productions in the Festival, so if you’re unsure if something is possible, get in touch! We want to hear about big ideas and help make them reality.

Social Equity

For the last two years SummerWorks venues have been physically accessible. SummerWorks provides ASL for all our events. They provide visual stories for patrons, and work with artists to create relaxed performances. Over the past two years they have engaged in consultancy with Tangled Arts+Disability and Deaf Spectrum.

In the coming years they hope to include live captioning and audio description at all SummerWorks produced events plus live streaming of workshops to make these available to those who aren’t able to travel to the venue, and extend accessibility training to all Front of House and volunteers.

Through the Pay What You Can model, they have opened up the Festival to a wider socio-economic bracket. Those that can afford to are able subsidize affordable tickets, allowing SummerWorks to offer cheaper tickets while not reducing the artist’s income. SummerWorks runs a Pay It Forward scheme, additional tickets can be purchased that are then offered to members of partner organisations free of charge.

About SummerWorks

SummerWorks is widely recognized as one of the most important platforms for launching new work in Canada. They are interested in continuously re-imagining and innovating the possibilities of performance- how it is created, presented and experienced. SummerWorks presents two Festivals annually, Progress International Festival of performance and ideas, and SummerWorks Performance Festival.

As an organization that brings together performance nationally and internationally, SummerWorks wishes to acknowledge that SummerWorks takes place on the traditional territory, Tkaronto, “Where the Trees Meet the Water,” “The Gathering Place” of the Mississauga, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Wendat Nations. As we come together we pay our respects to all our relations who have gathered and will continue to gather in this place.

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Previous calls for artists in Canada


Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017 – Call For Artists

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017 has issued a call for all artists who depict sexuality, gender, identity, and relationships for the 15th annual festival.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 15 Jan 2017

All artists 18 years old and over are encouraged to submit works of erotic art in any medium. Sculptors, multimedia artists, painters, and those creating interactive art are particularly encouraged to apply.

Call is open noon on December 1, 2016 through 11pm on January 15, 2017.

Regular submission fee is $35 for: 5 pieces of art submitted in in Visual and Literary categories; 3 proposals for Interactive Installations and Performances; 20 items for the Festival Store. In honor of our 15th anniversary, the Early Bird submission fee is $15 between December 1st and December 14th.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017  jury is comprised of five individuals: an artist, an art professional, an art collector, a sex-positive activist, and a Festival committee member. Jury members are selected by the Festival Director and the Steering Committee and change each year except under special circumstances or on the basis of expertise in the realm of erotic art. The jury will select pieces based on: quality of execution, depth of emotion, originality of subject, and thought-provoking elements that ignite conversations about sexuality, erotica, art, and/or societal mores.

There are many benefits to submitting your work to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017. Everyone who pays a submission fee receives a discounted admission to the Festival.

Accepted visual, literary, and installation artists:

  • Receive a full pass to the three-day Festival for their personal use
  • Receive an invitation for self and a guest to our exclusive Artist Reception with our Art Activists, VIPs, and other artists
  • Featured in the Festival, for an audience of thousands
  • Part of an exhibition with high art sales (avg. 25%) and competitive commissions
  • Featured in a keepsake Festival program
  • Promoted on the Festival website
  • Offered printing and framing opportunities and artists’ workshops (for visual artists)
  • Included in a professionally produced Anthology, and have an opportunity to be a part of the popular Poets’ Tour (for Literary artists)

About the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages the creation, enjoyment, and purchase of erotic art – sparking conversations to ignite personal and cultural evolution. It began with a desire to showcase stunning erotic art – to create a place to celebrate, discuss, and support pieces that were rarely seen in mainstream galleries and museums. We dreamed of sexy people in a lush environment devouring amazing art and an event that joyfully encouraged people to be as open and expressive as they wanted to be.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is the flagship program of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization promoting healthy expression of sexuality and creating consent culture through education, the arts, and community outreach.

The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture offers the Foundation Award to one artist whose work will be purchased to be showcased in the Foundation’s collection and will be an invited artist at the next year’s Festival.

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Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017


Shimmer: The Art of Light – Call For Artists

Second Annual Shimmer: The Art of Light, a free one-night event in North Carolina, is seeking proposals for art installations, video projection, and performance art using light as a medium.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 21 Nov 2016

Shimmer: The Art of Light features indoor and outdoor venues. Notification is December 1 and the event takes place Friday, February 10, 2017. Application is free.

Each artist chosen by our jury to participate will receive a $300 honorarium, be featured on the Shimmer website and smArts creative programs and events Facebook page, and have the potential for additional press attention via publicity efforts.

Shimmer: The Art of Light

Shimmer: The Art of Light is one of only two events of its kind in the entire Southeastern US. It focuses on creating an artistic bridge between two adjoining municipalities and fills a seven-block area on their borders with light, sound, and movement.

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Aurora 2015: All Together Now – Call for Artists

Aurora cordially invites all emerging and established artists working with light, video, sound, digital, internet-based work and/or performance to submit proposals for Aurora in 2015: All Together Now.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 15 Jun 2015

Proposals should explore innovative approaches to a free public art event that transforms the neighborhood of the Dallas Arts District (68 acres/19 city blocks of downtown Dallas, Texas). Buildings become projection screens and streets and parks into elaborate art installations. The proposed artworks should contribute to an immersive exhibition for visitors to experience art in unexpected places, while prompting an experience of awe through sensory disorientation.

The exhibition will feature a proportional representation of local and international artists.

The 2015 theme ‘All Together Now’ starts from the concept of synesthesia – a term for the joining of the senses. Artists are asked to propose works that provoke or bring into discussion a multi-sensory, synaesthetic experience using unexpected materials and technologies to create reactions that play on the imperceptible borders between the five basic senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch.

Requested media:

  • Film, video or image projections
  • Installations, sculptures, and interactive environments using light, video, and/or sound
  • Sound and audiovisual performances
  • Mobile applications

Aurora 2015 curators: Aja Martin, Tim Goossens, Carson Chan, Shane Pennington, Joshua King, and Julia Kaganskiy.

The immersive exhibition showcases work by a confluence of local and international artists, selected by a team of established curators. Visitors are offered the unparalleled opportunity to see their familiar urban environment converted into an interactive site for some of the world’s most innovative contemporary art. Aurora’s aim is to liberate art from space and disciplinary confines, involving the general public and the international arts community in an inclusive and larger cultural conversation about artistic experience.

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