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Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) – Call For Artists

Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] Fontys announces a call for artists for  for the international Master Performing Public Space (PPS) focused on a variety of art disciplines who currently focus on public space as their artistic environment. The program is committed to understanding how cultural developments can produce meaningful change within our shared spaces, based on the idea that public space exists only when it is socially performed.

In a time in which political and social structures are re-considered heavily, PPS offers a flexible and innovative environment to artistically question, redefine and reclaim public space in its broadest sense. Combining an interdisciplinary range of approaches and subjects, with an equally diverse range of research methods, PPS creates the opportunity for artists to explore their practice and its potential in public space. Creatives with a background in theatre, dance, circus, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts, and graphic design are welcome to join this program.

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Apply by: 31 March 2023

Master Performing Public Space Program format

  • One-Year
  • International
  • Full-Time
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Blended-learning program: continuous online education and bootcamps (intensive weeks hosted on-site in Tilburg, the Netherlands)

The primary goal of the program is to enable students to adopt an independent and critical reflective attitude while inventively switching between different roles in the organizational process of their artistic research. This Master offers its students the necessary tools to perform critically and effectively as artists and researchers, able to navigate complex modes and methods surrounding the contemporary artistic process and result.

Why this study?

  • International art and research community
  • Individual coaching and collective experimentation
  • Work in an interdisciplinary setting
  • Strengthen critical and artistic positioning
  • 24/7 access to the online learning platform

“Performing Public Space helped me develop the vocabulary and mindset for investigative artistic practice which I can apply to solve pressing spatial issues, both digital and physical.”

– Helen Scarlett O’Neill / Artist / PPS graduate 2020 / UK

About Fontys

The Master Performing Public Space is part of Fontys Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. Fifteen different art courses are taught at Fontys Fine and Performing Arts. Dance, music, visual arts, design, theatre, and circus can all be found within this institute.

Fontys Fine and Performing Arts’ ambitions includes development into an interdisciplinary arts institute that collaborates in a dynamic way with partners from the professional field. In the process, Fontys distinctly wants to search for connection with international partners. In our urban and regional areas, Fontys wants to be an indicator and a collaboration partner, participating in relevant activities based on knowledge, experience, and creativity.

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Image: Lukáš Palatinus / Jitka Čechová, PPS Graduate 2022