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Urban Suburban Rural – Call For Artists

Urban Suburban Rural – Call For Artists

The New York Center for Photographic Art announces a call for artists for Urban Suburban Rural 2018. Urban landscapes, suburban scenes, and rural impressions are choices for life and living. What catches your eye when you visit urban, suburban, and rural areas for travel and to photograph? Is it the tall buildings of the urban landscape or the people rushing around the streets? Perhaps it is the smoke emerging from a manhole in the middle of the street or the subway zooming along. Maybe it is the suburban home, a relatively new concept in living. Is it the suburban scene at a strip mall, giant mall, or barbecue in the backyard? Is it the rural impressions you find in your country or another country – the grass, cows, horses, flowering fields, or rusted cars on the front lawn.

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Deadline: 23 Apr 2018

Selected artists for Urban Suburban Rural have an opportunity to win a cash prize and live exhibition at a gallery in New York City. In addition, their images (up to fifty winners) are exhibited in an online gallery and exhibition catalog. The cash prizes amount to $3000. This call will be juried by a photographer well known in the community as either a teacher, gallery owner, or lecturer.

About The New York Center For Photographic Art

The New York Center for Photographic Art was conceived and developed by Patricia Gilman and Maddi Ring. It offers photographers from around the world opportunities to exhibit their work in New York.  Maddi and Patricia are experienced photographers and exhibition producers who understand the value of showcasing artists work in galleries. They have marketed their own work, both together and individually, in a variety of venues.  These exhibitions have been in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Each has her own images in various venues, including private collections.

For more information, contact nyc4pa@gmail.com.


Urban Collage And The Collage City – Call For Artists

Feral Factory, in partnership with Denver’s River North Art District (RiNo) and RedLine Contemporary Art Center, is seeking visual art and photography exploring cities, city life, and urbanism for Urban Collage and the Collage City art show.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 25 Feb 2017

The show will take place at The Crash exhibition space and will display 100+ pieces in rotation. The exhibition will include numerous events, salons, workshops, and receptions. Award-winning art advisors, NINE dot ARTS, are collaborating with Feral Factory to promote sales and give our artists access to a much larger national market.

This is a juried regional show with prominent partners and jurors. $500 awarded for Best in Show and three $100 awards for Special Merit. Jurors include: Tracy Weil, Creative Director and Co-Founder, RiNo; Louise Martorano, Executive Director, RedLine Contemporary Art Center; and Martha Weidmann, CEO and Co-Founder, NINE dot ARTS.

Exhibition: 4/1/17 – 6/26/17

Feral Factory has fifteen major events planned during the exhibition, including rotating openings, First Fridays in the RiNo Art District, Art Pairing events, performances, talks, and workshops. Many events are designed specifically to draw buyers.

Urban Collage And The Collage City gives artists access to one of the world’s most prominent and fastest-growing arts districts and review from some of the region’s largest art buyers. One of Feral Factory’s foremost goals is to provide focused sales opportunities for the artists.

About Feral Factory

Feral Factory is indeed a feral organization, scrappy and roving, which has the following goals:

  • activate underutilized presentation spaces in our partner arts districts;
  • bring the arts together using visual arts, sculpture, audiovisual, theater, and dance together synergistically;
  • create opportunities for artists to make sales and for performing artists to gather audiences; and
  • engage the public in an entertaining, informative, and educational conversation about art and its role in our communities.

Feral Factory is not:

  • a gallery, but it supports galleries;
  • an art consultant, but works with art consultants;
  • an art center, but partners with art centers.

It is a moving locus for the arts, working with communities and art districts to enliven spaces, educate, and entertain.

For more information, contact howl@feralfactory.com.

Urban Collage And The Collage City - Call For Artists