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Pescatori Di Porte – Call For Artists

Pescatori Di Porte – Call For Artists

The Cultural Association Tambuca announces a call for artists for  Pescatori di Porte. a painting competition designed to decorate the fishermen’s gates behind the new Fish Market in Viareggio, Tuscany. The decorations will be planned for the spring 2019. It is a permanent exhibition in the open air, a gift to the sea and its keepers. The theme is: A portal in the belly of Viareggio.

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Deadline: 15 Feb 2019

The aim of Pescatori Di Porte is redeveloping an area of the port of Viareggio adjacent to the new fish market while promoting contemporary art. The area in question is that of the sheet metal warehouses of the Cittadella dei Pescatori that lead to the port. Specifically, the corrugated metal warehouses overhead doors.

The competition is open to artists  age of 16 and older. The participation of under 18 artists is bound to the authorization of those who exercise parental authority. In particular, the competition is aimed at artistic high schools and fine arts academies of the territory and independent artists.

The jury is composed of 14 members among artists, curators and personalities known in the Tuscan territory. The fundamental criteria for selection will be quality, research, originality, and contemporaneity as well as the creativity of the artwork proposed and consistency with the proposed theme. There will be no limitations of technique or style, as long as it’s a work of painting as faithful as possible to the result of the realization on the sheet metal door. Pictorial work means any use or manual intervention with oil, tempera, acrylic, industrial paint, ink, engraving, graphite, watercolor, or vinyl on any type of substrate. Even if pre-printed, the concept must be reproduced in a faithful way with enamel brush on corrugated metal support. The size of each work must be 50 x 60 cm in horizontal orientation.

Pescatori Di Porte Artist Benefits

For the year 2019, 7 of 35 gates will be decorated. The competition includes the selection of 30 finalist artworks. They will be exhibited in a group exhibition at Villa Paolina, Viareggio (Tuscany). Six winners will have the opportunity to realize their decoration on the doors of the fishermen’s warehouses. The winners will be entitled to one week of free accommodation and published in the catalog.

About Cultural Association Tambuca

The mission of Tambuca is  to enhance art as creative communication. Art is seen and experienced by artists and through a technical and practical value. The goal is to create a center for artistic aggregation, a real school in the manner of old “ateliers”, where you can acquire technical skills through academic courses and discover your soul movements through unconventional and atypical courses, utilizing the exchange, communication, and sharing of projects and revolutions.

It is a place where art is breathed in the air, where it is possible to bring one’s dreams with the certainty of finding fertile ground for their fulfillment, and where an idea can become a common movement and an ideal. Tambuca is a place open to the city and to the global tourists whom arrive in Versilia. The Tambúca Cultural Association promotes historical-artistic heritage, starting from the conception and realization of didactic to tourist routes. The editorial promotes the memory of the territory through its monuments, its past, contemporary artists, and historical places. Tambuca offers cultural events and gatherings, exhibitions, workshops, and artist residencies.

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