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Winter Wonderland (Tampa, FL) – Call For Artists

Winter Wonderland (Tampa, FL) – Call For Artists

The Carrollwood Cultural Center announces a call for artists for Winter Wonderland, an exhibit focused on works that pertain to the first fallen snow, living in or visiting the north during wintertime, and horse drawn carriage rides. The preferred palette is white, greys, gold, and silver with splashes of color. Open to all loving artists withing the state of Florida who are 15 years or older.

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Deadline: 9 Nov 2019

The Carrollwood Cultural Center is a family facility so no blatant violence, guns, or nudity. Your art work must be original. The Center accepts 2D and limited 3D creations including watercolor, acrylic, oil, assemblage, encaustic, mixed media, sculpture, and photography. Large works, up to 50 inches in any direction, are ideal. Work may not be smaller than 8 in x 10 in. There are limited pedestals for 3D works. Very heavy pieces may require special handling. Small works are fine as long as they are framed properly.

Winter Wonderland Artist Benefits

The Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center has the largest gallery wall space available in Hillsborough County, Florida, with a main gallery, lobby gallery, corridor gallery, atrium gallery, and two alcove galleries.

The main gallery space of the Carrollwood Cultural Center is housed in the main theatre of the building and, at times, in the lobby. The Center serves the community by offering arts-based enrichment classes, live concerts and staged performances, community events, social gatherings, and summer camps, resulting in of thousands of people served each month.

The Center currently has a mailing distribution of approximately 3,000 addresses, an e-mail list of approximately 8,000 addresses, and a growing social media audience.

About The Carrollwood Cultural Center

The magic of the Carrollwood Cultural Center began several years ago with a special partnership between Hillsborough County and the Friends of Carrollwood Cultural Center (FCCC), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents through arts and culture. Together, the county and the FCCC worked to renovate St. Mark’s Episcopal Church into the creative center it is today.

Located in the heart of Carrollwood Village, the campus includes a 26,000 sq. ft. main building complete with a stage, dance floor, art studios, computer lab, and conference rooms as well as a sister building, The Studio, which provides additional space for classes, performances, room rentals, and gallery displays.

Open since March 2008, the Center is the result of the successful partnership that began so many years ago. The building, owned by Hillsborough County, and the operations, managed by the FCCC, is a perfect partnership that hopefully will be emulated elsewhere throughout the country.

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Skammdegi Residency And Festival – Call For Artists

Skammdegi Residency And Festival – Call For Artists

Listhus announces a call for artists for the Skammdegi Residency And Festival. Take the challenge of living with and respond to the dark, cold winter in north Iceland through any art form. Selected artists will have the opportunity to be secluded. Surrounded by mountains and snow, work in a quiet, creative space for ten weeks. This residency provides an excellent collaborative environment that encourages community engagement. The Skammdegi Festival will be held from 15-18 February 2019 for the final presentation of the challenge.

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Deadline: 15 Jun 2018

Skammdegi, in Icelandic, means the Dark Winter, a condition that is a yearly right of passage in this part of the world. At its darkest on December 21, the mysterious local daylight is present for less than four hours. The rest is night. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and looking directly at the Northern Atlantic on the other, Olafsfjordur, in North Iceland, is the uniquely beautiful location of Listhús.

During the months of December and January, the sun never rises higher than the surrounding mountains. The land is covered by a mysterious light reflected from the snow-covered mountains. The atmosphere creates a special environmental and emotional challenge. Local people eager to raise their spirits in the long night light up their houses with colorful lights and celebrate the distinctive Icelandic Christmas traditions till January 6th. As the winter progresses, the sun gradually climbs the mountains until the first ray of sunshine glows on the highest local peak on January 21. By the end of the month, the sunshine will once again reach the town itself.

Having recently completed its forth running, the Skammdegi Residency And Festival has formed a distinct character. It provides a hospitable environment and rare atmosphere for artists doing experiments that they cannot implement elsewhere. While the location is remote and doesn’t have the resources present in a larger city, artists feel the freedom of creation. The residency duration is long enough for artists to explore a new place, establish a new idea, and achieve its implementation.

Skammdegi Residency And Festival Fee For Ten Weeks

  • 900 euro: a single bedroom without extra studio, desk in the bedroom
  • 1,100 euro: a single bedroom with working studio 5-7 sqm. shared or private
  • 1,100 euro: a double bedroom without extra studio, desk in the bedroom
  • 1,500 euro: a double room with studio 15-20 sqm.
  • 2,000 euro: two-bedroom apartment, for maximum two couples, no extra working space provided

About Listhús ses.

Listhús SES. is a non-profit organization, run by a comprehensive team. It is not backed by public institutions. Activities are financed by the residency fee. There is no paid staff for daily operation. The residency fees are as low as possible.

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Garment District Public Arts – Call for Artists

The Garment District Alliance (GDA) is seeking artists interested in submitting their qualifications, preliminary concepts, and examples of their work to be considered for a temporary public art installation in the Winter 2015/16 on the outdoor plazas along Broadway in Manhattan’s Garment District.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 27 May 2015

To enhance the public environment and to increase community access to art, the GDA regularly presents art installations on the public plazas along Broadway. As part of the selection process, the GDA is inviting artists – with preference giving to those living, working, or operating in New York City – to submit qualifications, including examples of their recent work. Project concepts for consideration are welcome but not required at this stage.

As one of NYC’s most-traveled corridors in the heart of midtown, the Garment District Plazas provide international exposure and tremendous media opportunity. The selected artist will receive a $5,000 design and installation management fee.

The Garment District Alliance has a multi-faceted public arts program, which has included 11 arts festivals, six major public installations on the plaza, and over 150 other installations, performances and art events. We’re interesting by showing an eclectic mix of interesting artists in a variety of venues.

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