Nancy Staub Laughlin: Certified Member - Side Arts

Nancy Staub Laughlin [Certified Member – Side Arts]

Nancy Staub Laughlin [Certified Member – Side Arts]

Nancy Staub Laughlin is a new Certified Member on Side Arts. She is an accomplished, New Jersey based artist, and has created a new concept of the “still life” working with pastels on paper and photography. Nancy’s newest series, which she refers to as “assemblages,” incorporates the photograph into the pastel drawing. These dynamic, layered, juxtaposing assemblages allow the viewer to enter her world of color, light, dimension, and beauty from a different perspective.

Nancy’s compelling compositions are the culmination of many carefully executed steps that define her unique creative process. For Laughlin, the artistic journey offers an almost limitless exploration of the possibilities of artistic creation, allowing her to enter the unreal world in which she has created.

Her most memorable highlight was being reviewed by Sam Hunter, Art Critic and Historian of Modern and Contemporary Art who found her work “refreshingly unique”. This has been a common theme among many of her positive reviews. She offers a “different” approach and passion to drawing. Nancy is consistent in her vision…one can always recognize her signature style no matter how much she has changed or grown.

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