Carlos Pardo [Certified Visual Artist From Katy, Texas]

Carlos Pardo [Certified Visual Artist – Katy, TX]

Carlos Pardo [Certified Visual Artist – Katy, TX]

Carlos Pardo is a new Side Arts Certified Visual Artist from Katy, Texas.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Carlos Pardo was always surrounded by beautiful things. His grandfather’s house in the countryside was a good escape from the city. Nature has been a good part of his life since early on. His father is a photographer, art director, and a great painter. He is one of Carlos’ greatest influences because he taught Carlos to never follow, copy, or be influenced.

Carlos graduated from high school in 1994. He attended Community College in Miami. He graduated with a degree in photography and a minor in design. Carlos enjoyed college because his teachers let him explore art by guiding him with their experience. He started teaching nine years ago, showing people that they can be creative and explore their imagination.

Art has always been Carlos’ escape from the incoherence of life. It makes more sense because he can leave his feelings on paper. He hopes people see their own feelings in his pictures.

Carlos’ art is edgy, but sometimes very mellow. Photos are never retouched. He thinks the way he photographs the first time is the most honest, even if it is not perfect. He loves contrast, not only with light but also colors, shapes, and ripples in time that keep moving after they are printed on a piece of paper. Carlos wants to change the way people feel about light, show them something new, and help them understand or like art more.

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