The Beauty Of Still Life (Photography Exhibition) - Call For Artists

The Beauty Of Still Life (Online Photography Exhibition) – Call For Artists

The Beauty Of Still Life (Online Photography Exhibition) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] Decagon Gallery announces a call for artists for The Beauty of Still Life, an online photography exhibition. Explore the beauty and artistry of still life photography. Through a collection of stunning and thought-provoking images, the gallery aims to showcase the power of everyday objects to evoke emotion, tell stories, and capture the essence of life.

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Enter by: 10 August 2023

From the simple beauty of a vase of flowers to the intricate details of a carefully arranged table setting, these images celebrate the artistry and meaning of still life photography. They offer a glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the world around us, and invite us to reflect on the ways in which everyday objects can inspire and delight us.

The Beauty Of Still Life: Artist Benefits

  • A cash award of $300 will be given to the First Place entry, as decided by a juror
  • The exhibition will run online from mid-August through September
  • The exhibit will be posted on the gallery’s website for six weeks and as a video on YouTube
  • Promotion on social media will be directed to art collectors and galleries
  • A beautifully designed printed hard cover catalogue will be available for purchase
  • All inquiries from visitors who wish to purchase any photos will be forwarded to the photographer – the gallery will not facilitate sales nor will they take any commissions

About Decagon Gallery

The purpose of Decagon Gallery is to provide a platform for photographers to showcase their work and connect with a global audience. Each month, the gallery selects a specific theme that challenges photographers to interpret and capture it in their own distinctive way. This approach not only encourages creativity but also allows viewers to engage with a diverse range of photographic styles and narratives. From landscapes and portraits to abstract and conceptual photography, exhibitions encompass a wide spectrum of genres, ensuring there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Decagon Gallery aims to celebrate the art of photography, promote talented photographers, and provide a platform for artistic expression and appreciation. Through themed monthly exhibitions, they strive to inspire, educate, and entertain both photographers and viewers, creating a vibrant and inclusive space for the photography community to thrive.

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