Boynes Artist Award (Online Art Competition) - Call For Artists

Boynes Artist Award (Online Art Competition) – Call For Artists

Boynes Artist Award (Online Art Competition) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] The Boynes Artist Award invites artists worldwide to participate in the 10th Edition of the Boynes Artist Award. With a commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the arts, the award offers a platform where artists of all backgrounds and experience levels can shine on a global stage.

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Enter by: 29 April 2024

Early Bird Deadline: February 28, 2024 (25% off)

Seize the opportunity to gain exposure, recognition, and support for your artistic journey. An esteemed panel of jurors from diverse backgrounds will celebrate your creativity in all its forms.

Winner and Finalists Announced: May 30, 2024

Boynes Artist Award Artist Benefits

1st Place:

  • $3000 Cash Prize
  • Access to the Residency Network
  • Advertising Package (worth $2000 USD)
  • Winning Work Showcased on the Homepage
  • Published Interview with the Boynes Artist Award

10 Finalists:

  • Published Interview
  • Access to the Residency Network
  • Finalist Certificate

The Boynes Artist Award Residency Network connects winners and finalists with prestigious art residencies across Europe. It offers unparalleled opportunities for artistic growth, cultural exchange, and exposure. This network enhances artists’ careers and nurtures their creativity, embodying a commitment to supporting and empowering artists worldwide.

About Boynes Artist Award

The Boynes Artist Award stands out as a global platform that welcomes artists from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, emphasizing inclusivity and celebrating artistic excellence across various mediums and styles. This commitment to diversity makes it a significant player in the contemporary art scene, fostering an environment where artists can thrive, connect, and share their unique perspectives.

Furthermore, the award offers artists tangible opportunities for growth and recognition. With cash prizes, residency access, social media exposure, and interviews, it provides not only financial support but also a chance for emerging and established artists to gain visibility and credibility in the art world.

What sets the award apart is its Residency Network, which establishes partnerships with art residencies across Europe, opening doors for winners and finalists to experience transformative artistic journeys. This unique feature showcases the award’s dedication to artists’ professional development and the creation of a global community of creators.

In summary, the award’s commitment to diversity, tangible opportunities, and the Residency Network make it a captivating and valuable platform for artists seeking recognition, growth, and connection within the art community.

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