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NATO Mural Competition (Washington, DC) – Call For Artists

NATO Mural Competition  (Washington, DC) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] NATO announces a call for young artists (under 35 years old) from the United States or any other NATO member county to submit artwork featuring their interpretation of peace, security, unity and freedom for the NATO Mural Competition, the celebration of the Alliance’s 75th anniversary.


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Enter by: 12 May 2024

Submit your work to the NATO mural competition – an opportunity to showcase your talent and artistic vision of the future. This is NATO’s 2nd mural competition. In January 2024, NATO unveiled its first public mural, created by street artists in Vilnius, Lithuania, to celebrate the summit held in the city in 2023 and symbolise NATO’s collective defence mission.

The winner of this year’s NATO’s mural competition will get to work with a Washington, DC, street artist to develop their artwork. The design will be featured as a permanent mural on a wall in Washington, DC.

Additionally, top artworks from this year’s mural competition will be displayed at an exhibition at the 2024 NATO Summit venue in Washington, DC.

About NATO

In 2024, NATO celebrates 75 years of collective defence. Since its creation on 4 April 1949, the transatlantic Alliance has grown from 12 founding members to 32 member countries, all working together to keep our people safe. A community of Allies bound together by common values of democracy, individual liberty, human rights and the rule of law, NATO celebrates its anniversary on 4 April at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and at the upcoming summit on 9-11 July in Washington, DC, where its founding treaty was signed.

For more information, contact honor.addington@mcsaatchi.com.


Dreams and Nightmares (Washington DC) – Call For Artists

Dreams and Nightmares (Washington DC) – Call For Artists

Gallery Underground announces a call to artists for a juried art exhibition, Dreams and Nightmares, to be held February 1 – 26, 2021. Artists will interpret the theme from beautiful and sublime to dark and twisted. Submit both literal and figurative interpretations. All media accepted, national only.

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Deadline: 14 Dec 2020

Artists will be asked to submit a short paragraph explaining how their work fits the theme.

Juried by Emily Francisco. Show is in a brick and mortar gallery in the metropolitan Washington DC area.

$500 prizes for Dreams and Nightmares. The gallery will award best in show, second, and third place cash prizes and non-cash honorable mentions, number to be interpreted by juror. The show is held in a gallery with a loyal local following and press contacts. If a reception is held (due to possible continuing COVID restrictions), reception estimated to attract several hundred attendees. Artists’ work will be promoted in local press, social media, postcards and eblasts to an over 800-person email list. Show will be on the walls of the gallery for a month.

About Gallery Underground

Gallery Underground is the juried gallery of the Arlington Artists Alliance, a vital, energetic, creative force in Arlington County, Virginia. A non-profit group formed in 2000, the gallery encourages and supports established and emerging artists who work in all forms of visual art. Members exhibit year-round at a variety of community venues, including local government offices, businesses, restaurants, and cafes. Annually, over 25,000 Washington DC metropolitan area residents and visitors view more than 2,000 original works of art by Alliance artists somewhere in the County every day of the year.

For more information, contact art@galleryunderground.org.


Good Trouble / U Decide Exhibition (Washington, DC) – Call For Artists

Good Trouble  / U Decide Exhibition (Washington, DC) – Call For Artists

The Center for Contemporary Political Art (CCPArt) announces a call for artists for the Good Trouble / U Decide: America’s artists honor the legacy of John Lewis exhibition. CCPArt will provide words for nine issue-oriented get-out-the vote posters. You provide the powerful original art/images for one or more of the posters. Make the words come alive.

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Deadline: 3 Oct 2020

No fees to enter

The sponsoring organizations, CCPArt and Millennium Arts Salon are 501-(c )-(3)s located in Washington, DC. Millennium Arts Salon is the premier arts organization in Washington, DC dedicated to promoting African and African American visual art. Together, they will present the Good Trouble exhibition as a public service. Art can inform and inspire needed social and political change.

Political analysts in Washington believe that if the Russians don’t interfere too much, turn-out may decide the winner of what may be the most consequential election of our time. It’s CCPArt’s civic duty, and yours, to encourage every registered voter to actually vote in this year’s election. Use your creativity and talent to help determine the future of the United States at this difficult time in its history. If you’ve seen the signage and political posters both parties produce, you’ll understand why we think, together, we can do better. Hopefully, we’ll all benefit as a result.

A jury of experts will select the winning entries. CCPArt will print the posters from the jpegs you submit. The posters will be exhibited in Washington and online.

About The Center for Contemporary Political Art

The Center for Contemporary Political Art is the only art space in the Nation’s Capital dedicated exclusively to presenting art addressing current political issues in real time. CCPArt’s first exhibition was a juried open call show, Defining the Art of Change in the Age of Trump. It launched in September 2018, in time for that year’s mid-term elections.

In an essay written for CCPArt’s first catalog, Dorothea Dietrich, a professor of art history at Princeton before becoming chair of the department of art history and design at Pratt, compared the Defining exhibit to the First International Dada Fair in 1920 in Berlin. CCPArt can think of no higher compliment or, unfortunately, a more apt comparison.

For more information, contact goodtrouble@politicsartus.org.


WMATA Public Artwork (Alexandria, VA) – Call For Artists

WMATA Public Artwork (Alexandria, VA) – Call For Artists

Gensler, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), and Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners (JLREP) are soliciting qualifications from accomplished artists or artist teams to create a site-specific WMATA public artwork for the new WMATA Regional Headquarters Facility at 2395 Mill Road, Alexandria VA. The building entry facade and lobby spaces have been identified as possible locations for the artwork in order to create the best experience for WMATA employees, visitors, and members of the public.

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(Use the arrows on the side of the screen to navigate the application information.)

Deadline: 12 Jun 2020

The WMATA Eisenhower Avenue building is a 14-story headquarters facility that will consolidate several departments including the authority’s Technology and Engineering groups. It will foster a culture that is safety-focused, customer-centric, and technology-enabled as well as create a rich, immersive employee experience. The building will feel welcoming, open, and accessible. The building’s entry lobby is a light-filled, double-height space wrapping the southwest corner of the building.

Parameters and Goals

The Authority has a history of and expectation for design excellence and, through its Art in Transit Program, has been working to obtain unique, memorable, and engaging site-specific, public artworks. The artists/artist teams shall develop aesthetically attractive public artworks that capture the Authority’s mission and reflect the artistic, cultural and/or historical interests of the surrounding communities. Consideration shall be given to creative uses of materials, massing, scale, form, texture, and detailing. Artworks shall be visually attractive, innovative, and durable. The selected site-specific artworks should impart a sense of pride within the local community and provide a stimulating and attractive environment for the people who will experience the artworks daily.

The artwork selection will follow a two-phase process referred to as Phase 1 and Phase 2. The artist selection panel seeks a pool of applicants with a successful history of public art and collaboration with public agencies and/or design build projects.

Phase 1

Requires artists/artist teams to prepare and submit qualifications as appropriate for the scope of work and qualifications submittal requirements as set forth in this solicitation. An artist selection panel led by WMATA and JLREP, and comprising art and design professionals, will select at least three artists/artist teams as determined by this RFQ’s evaluation criteria.
The selected artists/artist teams will each receive a $1,500 design fee to prepare and submit a site-specific artwork proposal that will comply with the prescribed concepts. These artists/artist teams will then proceed to Phase 2 of the selection process.

Phase 2

WMATA and JLREP will invite the selected artists/artist teams whose qualifications are deemed acceptable to receive detailed contract information for the purpose of submitting site-specific, Phase 2 artwork proposals. WMATA and JLREP expects the proposals to include all premiums required to complete the project on or ahead of the schedule listed in the present RFQ.
As part of the proposal, the artists/artist teams are expected to provide a site-specific design and the estimated costs for fabrication, installation, engineering/architectural coordination, technical, clerical, and other services necessary as well as schedules required for the fabrication and installation of the artwork. The artist/artists team’s experience and professional record should provide convincing evidence of their ability to successfully complete the project as proposed.

The artist selection panel will rank each site-specific artwork based on the evaluation criteria listed in this RFQ and make a recommendation to the WMATA General Manager for approval. JLREP will then enter into negotiations with the top-ranked artists/artist team to finalize the contract award process. If JLREP is unable to reach agreement with the top ranked artists/artist team, they will end negotiations and begin negotiations with the next ranked artists/artist team.

WMATA Public Artwork Budget

The maximum budget for the site-specific art project is not to exceed $250,000 all-inclusive of design (artist fee included), construction, and installation as well as other miscellaneous costs. The budget for artwork as outlined in this call for artists is subject to the availability of funds.

About Gensler

Gensler is one community. Their community is focused on improving the human experience, guided by a vision that’s committed to making a better world and realized through the positive changes they make in people’s lives. When they move forward together, the impact is real. Their incredible global team of 6,000+ people is shaping the future of cities every day. It starts with a vision: to Create a Better World Through the Power of Design. This vision comes to life across expertise in 24 practice areas, client relationships, a network of global and local leaders, and diversity of talent.

About Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) was created by an interstate compact in 1967 to plan, develop, build, finance, and operate a balanced regional transportation system in the national capital area. Metro began building its rail system in 1969, acquired four regional bus systems in 1973, and began operating the first phase of Metrorail in 1976. Today, Metrorail serves 91 stations and has 117 miles of track. Metrobus serves the nation’s capital 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 1,500 buses. Metrorail and Metrobus serve a population of approximately 4 million within a 1,500-square mile jurisdiction. Metro began its paratransit service, MetroAccess, in 1994; it provides about 2.3 million trips per year.

For more information, contact Barton_Bland@gensler.com.