NATO Mural Competition (Washington, DC) - Call For Artists

NATO Mural Competition (Washington, DC) – Call For Artists

NATO Mural Competition  (Washington, DC) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] NATO announces a call for young artists (under 35 years old) from the United States or any other NATO member county to submit artwork featuring their interpretation of peace, security, unity and freedom for the NATO Mural Competition, the celebration of the Alliance’s 75th anniversary.


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Enter by: 12 May 2024

Submit your work to the NATO mural competition – an opportunity to showcase your talent and artistic vision of the future. This is NATO’s 2nd mural competition. In January 2024, NATO unveiled its first public mural, created by street artists in Vilnius, Lithuania, to celebrate the summit held in the city in 2023 and symbolise NATO’s collective defence mission.

The winner of this year’s NATO’s mural competition will get to work with a Washington, DC, street artist to develop their artwork. The design will be featured as a permanent mural on a wall in Washington, DC.

Additionally, top artworks from this year’s mural competition will be displayed at an exhibition at the 2024 NATO Summit venue in Washington, DC.

About NATO

In 2024, NATO celebrates 75 years of collective defence. Since its creation on 4 April 1949, the transatlantic Alliance has grown from 12 founding members to 32 member countries, all working together to keep our people safe. A community of Allies bound together by common values of democracy, individual liberty, human rights and the rule of law, NATO celebrates its anniversary on 4 April at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and at the upcoming summit on 9-11 July in Washington, DC, where its founding treaty was signed.

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