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A.I.R. Studio Paducah (Kentucky Residency) – Call For Artists

A.I.R. Studio Paducah (Kentucky Residency) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] A.I.R. Studio Paducah, an artist-in-residence studio and efficiency apartment located in the Lower Town Arts District of Paducah, Kentucky six blocks from the Ohio River, announces an ongoing call for artists. A.I.R. Studio welcomes self-motivated, focused artists working in a range of creative practices: visual artists, photographers, architects, writers, composers, and improvisational choreographers. Applicants are encouraged to have a clear objective for their residency. Stays usually range from two weeks to three months.

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Deadline: Ongoing

A.I.R. Studio is for serious artists who want a creative respite from their day-to-day environment and offers an ideal setting for those on sabbatical or who want a focused period of time to start or complete a body of work. The residency affords the artist time and space for focused, independent work, development of new ideas, and experimentation. Visits to area cultural centers, galleries, and performance venues as well as short trips to regional arts facilities can open up a range of networking possibilities. A.I.R. Studio features a storefront multi-purpose display space that can be used for exhibitions or presentations during the residency.

Resident Profile

For most of its existence, A.I.R. Studio residents have been visual and fiber artists, a few photographers, and a scattering of creatives in other disciplines. The application process has since expanded and opened up to writers, architects, composers, and improvisational choreographers. Geographically, A.I.R. Studio residents hail from all over the United States and Canada.

Selection Process

A.I.R. Studio Paducah conducts a competitive selection process. Applications are peer-reviewed on a basis of the quality of past work and the applicant’s potential to have a productive residency. Applicants must be at least 21 years old. Collaborative pairs and couples are welcome.


“I embrace this day and all the levels of awareness that have entered my consciousness amidst depths of sadness and loss. Sitting on a bench overlooking the Ohio River, a gentle breeze brings comfort to my body and I watch what appears to be, calm, lightly fluttering wings on the surface of the water. This is just what I need. The great expanse in front of me is a gentle reminder that there is a great deal beyond this place where I sit; more to experience and endless opportunities to create a greater life of fulfillment beyond this moment.” – Helen Elliott, GA

“The experience really jumped-started me into a new path with my work. The residency also allowed for some reflection on my life, my pursuit of the arts, and acted almost as a spiritual retreat.” – Dan Annarino, IN

“Being at Paducah A.I.R. was a spectacular enterprise for me. Having the studio there last February was life changing and I have yearned for a studio space ever since. On another note, I am showing the large work I created there for the first time opening today. Seeing the work up at the Manhattan Beach Art Center tonight will be a moving reminder of that beautiful experience.” – June Edmonds, CA

About A.I.R. Studio Paducah

The A.I.R. Studio and efficiency apartment is located in the heart of the Paducah’s Lower Town Arts District and six blocks away from the Ohio River. As a resident in this setting you have the flexibility of making art in small town peace and quiet or engaging with the artist community.

Only steps away from galleries, studios, and other venues of interest within walking distance including the National Quilt Museum, Yeiser Art Center, Maiden Alley Cinema, Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center, and McCracken County Public Library. If you can consider a longer stay, then check out class offerings at the nearby Paducah School of Art and Design.

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Studio and Curatorial Fellowships (New Haven, CT) – Call For Artists

Studio and Curatorial Fellowships (New Haven, CT) – Call For Artists

Each June, NXTHVN welcomes up to seven artists, two curators, and eight New Haven high school students to its annual Studio and Curatorial Fellowships programs. Through a proprietary curriculum that focuses on mentorship, professional development, and skills training, members of the cohort cultivate their individual practices within a collaborative, community-driven context.

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Deadline: 1 Nov 2020

Each fellow mentors a local high school apprentice, providing them with hands-on instruction in studio and curatorial practices. Through active participation in NXTHVN’s year-long programs, early-career artists and curators make the personal strides and interpersonal connections that advance their careers.

Studio and Curatorial Fellowships Benefits

  • Generous stipend disbursed quarterly throughout the Fellowship year, which runs from early June to late May
  • Optional, partially-subsidized housing in Dixwell, New Haven
  • Dedicated work and/or studio space with 24-hour access
  • Monthly professional development workshops facilitated by field experts
  • Culminating exhibition and catalogue organized by curatorial fellows and featuring work by studio fellows
  • Opportunity to design and participate in artist-led projects and public programming
  • Vocabulary and skills for navigating the art market that often go untaught in MFA programs


NXTHVN is a multidisciplinary arts incubator that cultivates creative community in Dixwell. Through intergenerational mentorship, professional development and cross-sector collaboration, NXTHVN accelerates professional careers in the arts.

NXTHVN shapes unique year-long Fellowships program as an incubator. They combine support in administrative and theoretical aspects of the profession with individual mentorship. They bring leaders in the field to cohorts of artists, curators, and apprentices.

The paid high school Apprenticeship program focused one-on-one mutual learning, giving the next local generation a chance to grow and excel in the fine arts.

They encourage collaboration between artists, art professionals, and local entrepreneurs to further New Haven’s growing creative community. Their space is a public, yet protected, place dedicated to nurturing the growth of Fellows, Apprentices, and the neighborhood. Events and exhibitions respond to the community of artists, curators, and neighbors.

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Studio Program – Call For Artists

Studio Program – Call For Artists

CASTRO offers a studio program for visual artists and curators, providing them with a workspace and pedagogical guidance. The emphasis at CASTRO lies on individual practice and close contact with a community of distinguished visiting lecturers – artists, writers, curators, and scholars. It is conceived as a small-scale alternative platform to explore critical education and community. At any time CASTRO can hosts up to five artists and one curator.

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Deadline: 5 Sept 2018

Artists may apply to participate for a duration of four months (periods: from November to February; from March to June) or eight months (from November to June). Curators may apply to participate for a duration of four months (periods: from November to February; from March to June).

The studio program selection panel is composed of international visiting lecturers from a variety of backgrounds. After evaluation and careful deliberation based on the submitted portfolios, the committee decides upon the admission of the applicants before end of September. This year’s selection panel will be Michael Archer, Will Benedict, Barbara Casavecchia, Maria Adele Del Vecchio, Alberto Di Fabio, and John O’Doherty.

Artists in residence studio program provides

  • Tutorials: 50 minute one-to-one meetings in the studio with artists and other specialists in the field in order to talk about the artist in residence’s work.
  • Studio visits: supporter’s or other’s (curators, artistic directors of foundations and museums, gallery owners, and collectors) private/guided visits in the artist’s studio in order to see and talk about his most recent work in an informal environment.
  • Open studio days: whole days during which artist studios are open to the public.
  • Excursions and guided tours of the city.
  • Workshops with local artisans to deepen traditional Roman practices such as working with marble and cast ghisa (iron).
  • Online blog hosted on CASTRO’s website.


CASTRO is a multifunctional space founded to support artists, curators, and researchers. It promotes an experimental, versatile, and highly collaborative learning model both for the arts and the local community. This organization is the only non profit in Rome which offers a studio and program for free to artists and curators. It is independent from any other art organization and program. The studio spaces are in the neighborhood of Trastevere, in Rome’s historical center. CASTRO is connected with other projects in Italy and abroad. This offers residents the opportunity to enter into a network and start exchanges. This ensures the program maintains vital close contact with current issues in contemporary art. The project aims to expand this network from year to year.

Public programs include:

  • Artist talks: conferences with artists invited to talk about their work and their journey.
  • Curator’s round tables: monthly round tables moderated by a young curator with three experts in the field to intervene on a chosen theme.
  • Project presentations: founders of projects related to contemporary art are invited to talk about their activities and their experience.
  • Cineforum: screening of a film and subsequent public debate.

CASTRO’s main activities are crits. Crits are day long sessions to discuss works. Each artist’s work is usually shown for up to an hour to allow a conversation. Presenting artists can either sit back and listen to the feedback or answer questions. Any artist in Rome can sign up on CASTRO’s website to present their work. Anyone can participate to the discussion. This activity fosters exchanges between artists in residence in CASTRO, those in residence in foreign institutions in Rome, and Roman artists.

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