International ARC Salon (New York City, NY) - Call For Artists

International ARC Salon (New York City, NY) – Call For Artists

International ARC Salon (New York City, NY) – Call For Artists

The Art Renewal Center announces a call for artists for the 15th International ARC Salon. When talking about competitions and exhibitions dedicated to 21st Century Realism, the Art Renewal Center’s International ARC Salon is the largest in the world in terms of entries. It is the most diverse in terms of categories and international participation. This makes the International ARC Salon Competition the most influential and far reaching competition for representational art in the world. It offers over $130,000 in cash awards (top prize $25,000); unique opportunities through partnerships with prestigious magazines, galleries, and museums; live exhibitions; and a strong online presence.

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Deadline: 14 Aug 2020

The 15th ARC Salon Live Exhibition will consist of approximately 75 to 100 works from the 15th International ARC Salon Competition and travel to a minimum of two locations. The show will first open in New York City in June/ July of 2021 before traveling to the MEAM (Museum of European Art Modern), in Barcelona, Spain where it will be on view from October 8 – December 12th, 2021. The 15th ARC Salon Exhibition will hang alongside the MEAM’s representational painting and sculpture competition, Figurativas. A joint award ceremony will be held on October 8th at the MEAM. This awe-inspiring international event will have artists from all over the world present and hundreds of people in attendance, showcasing the true international nature and collaborative spirit of this new wave in contemporary art.

Additional venues and dates will be published. There is an opportunity for qualifying artists to sell their works at these venues if the artist chooses to make them available for sale. Please note, availability of your work for the traveling exhibition is not required for entry into the ARC Salon Competition or for winning the top awards in the ARC Salon Competition. Last cycle, the ARC received over 4,300 entries from 73 countries. The 15th competition has a jury panel of 21 prestigious category jurors and over 40 jurors total when including partnering awards.

Categories include: Figurative, Portraiture, Imaginative Realism, Landscape, Still Life, Drawing, Sculpture, Fully From Life, Plein Air Painting, Animals, and a special category for teens.

International ARC Salon Artist Benefits

  • Over $130,000 in cash awards
  • Top Prize $25,000 cash award
  • Over 140 awards and honorable mentions
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place plus 8 honorable mentions in each of 11 categories
  • Publication awards through partnering magazines
  • Purchase and exhibition awards through ARC and partnering museums
  • Exhibition and sale opportunities through partnering galleries
  • Additional awards for Best Nude, Best Trompe L’oeil, Most Ambitious Work, Best Social, Commentary, Best Watercolor, Best Pastel, Chairman’s Choice Awards, and ARC Staff Awards
  • Semi-finalists will be published on the ARC website
  • Finalists will be published in the 15th ARC Salon hard-bound book “International Realism”
  • Approximately 40 jurors participate including partnering awards

International ARC Salon Testimonials

“Over the past 15 years, the Art Renewal Center has been pivotal in the development of my fine art career. I gained the attention of several galleries which still represent me to this day. I owe a debt of gratitude to the Art Renewal Center.” – David Gluck, (award winning artist)

“ARC helped my career in a huge way early on, and when it really mattered; when I was nobody from nowhere. The endorsement, and patronage provided the kind of financial and emotional support that kept me pursuing my life’s dream, giving me the means, courage, and confidence to push on.” – Julio Reyes, (award winning artist)

“I want to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into the ARC Competition and Traveling Exhibition. Since winning my award in the 13th ARC Salon, I have acquired seven new painting commissions! The work that you are doing for the new realism movement is making it possible for artists to learn, grow and thrive in their careers.” – Alex Bauwens, (award winning artist)

“The Art Renewal Center has offered me an international showcase for my art work since the very beginning of my career and an annual incentive to continue to improve. Some of the most relevant contacts in my career have known my paintings through their website. ARC has helped us feel like a huge community and has generated new relationships and international collaborations; Undoubtedly their work has been from the beginning, an engine for mine.” – Arantzazu Martinez, (award winning artist)

About Art Renewal Center

Leading the revival of realism in the visual arts, the Art Renewal Center (ARC), a 501(c)(3), non-profit, educational foundation, hosts the largest online museum dedicated to representational art and includes works by the old masters, 19th century, and 21st Century Artists as well as articles, letters, and other online resources. The ARC is the foremost and only vetting service for representational art schools ensuring that the teaching curricula and quality of teacher and student work meet our strict standards to become ARC Approved™. The ARC works with other ARC Allied Organizations™, artist groups, museums, and publications to become a central news hub for the 21st Century Representational Art Movement.

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