$1K me&EVE Grant (Santa Fe, NM) - Call For Artists

$1K me&EVE Grant (Santa Fe, NM) – Call For Artists

$1K me&EVE Grant (Santa Fe, NM) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] CENTER announces a call for photographers and lens-based artists worldwide for the $1K me&Eve Grant, providing financial support to a female-identified, non-binary, transgender, or gender non-conforming photographer, 40 years of age and over.


Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 27 Feb 2022

Submit: 15-20 images and a 325-word project statement

$1K me&Eve Grant Juror: Sarah Leen – Founder & Editor, The Visual Thinking Collective

Selected artists receive a grant package provided by CENTER Santa Fe and its program partners including:

  • $1,000 in financial support
  • Mentorship with CENTER alumni
  • Professional development workshop admission
  • Review Santa Fe admission and project presentation in November 2022
  • Featured publication with Lenscratch, Featureshoot, Catalyst: Interviews, and Analog Forever Magazine
  • Group winners exhibition at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts


Founded in 1994, the not-for-profit organization CENTER supports socially and environmentally engaged lens-based projects through education, public platforms, funding, and partnerships.

Image-making holds a unique power to confront audiences with uncomfortable truths, advance cultural understandings, and promote social justice. Through advancement of artists and their work, CENTER serves to deepen public understanding of lens-based media’s complex history and ongoing cultural significance. By establishing trans-disciplinary partnerships between artists and justice-driven communities, historians, cultural critics, students, and the art world, CENTER honors the unique role in advancing projects that respect all people, open minds, and engage shared humanity.

Characterized by a community of gifted and committed photographers, CENTER has proven for the last 28 years that it can help photographers and lens-based artists grow into their full potential. CENTER programs foster insights and actualizations that ripple and impact all involved by providing platforms where the creative impulse can be engaged and challenged.

For more information, contact programs@visitcenter.org.

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