Review Santa Fe: Portfolio Reviews (Santa Fe, NM) - Call For Artists

Review Santa Fe: Portfolio Reviews (Santa Fe, NM) – Call For Artists

Review Santa Fe: Portfolio Reviews (Santa Fe, NM) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] CENTER announces a call for photographers and lens-based artists worldwide for Review Santa Fe: Portfolio Reviews and Conference, for artists seeking audience expansion, critical discussion, and community connection. The review event is scheduled to take place Nov. 17 – 20, 2022. Scholarships and payment plans are available to invited photographers.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 27 Feb 2022

Submit: 15-20 images and a 325-word project statement

Selected artists receive the Career Advancement Package provided by CENTER Santa Fe and its program partners including:

  • The prestigious portfolio reviews November 2022 in Santa Fe, NM
  • Inclusion in the Review Santa Fe 100 Photographers Listing
  • Participation in the Portfolio Walk
  • Photographic Book Fair
  • Access to Photographer and Scholar Presentations
  • Panel Discussions

Reviewers are selected two weeks before the event.

“It was one of THE BEST photo experiences I have ever had; great photographers, great reviewers, great organization.” – Keith Jenkins, Director of Digital Content, NPR; formerly at National Geographic // Review Santa Fe Reviewer

“I left Review Santa Fe feeling like my community had expanded exponentially, I returned home on a “high” that I still have not come down from.” – Richard Tuschman, Forest Hills, NY // Review Santa Fe Alum

“Review Santa Fe is a GAME-CHANGER!” Cristina de Middel, London, UK // Review Santa Fe Alum

“It’s the review I want to be part of. The Library of Congress has benefited from acquisitions I was able to make from reviewees.” – Verna P. Curtis, Curator of Photography, The Library of Congress // Review Santa Fe Reviewer

“Review Santa Fe is one of my favorite events because CENTER does an incredible job of choosing talented and forward-thinking candidates. Year after year we find timely and thoughtful projects to highlight on WIRED’s Raw File photography blog and those projects are always well received by our audience.” – Jakob Schiller, Writer, Wired Raw File // Review Santa Fe Reviewer

“I doubt that I have ever attended a finer fair at any art event!” – Jaquelin Loyd, Director, Eight Modern // Review Santa Fe Reviewer

“Review Santa Fe is life-changing!” – Alec Soth, Minnesota // Review Santa Fe Alum


Founded in 1994, the not-for-profit organization CENTER supports socially and environmentally engaged lens-based projects through education, public platforms, funding, and partnerships.

Image-making holds a unique power to confront audiences with uncomfortable truths, advance cultural understandings, and promote social justice. Through advancement of artists and their work, CENTER serves to deepen public understanding of lens-based media’s complex history and ongoing cultural significance. By establishing trans-disciplinary partnerships between artists and justice-driven communities, historians, cultural critics, students, and the art world, CENTER honors the unique role in advancing projects that respect all people, open minds, and engage shared humanity.

Characterized by a community of gifted and committed photographers, CENTER has proven for the last 28 years that it can help photographers and lens-based artists grow into their full potential. CENTER programs foster insights and actualizations that ripple and impact all involved by providing platforms where the creative impulse can be engaged and challenged.

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