Innovate Grant Spring 2022 Cycle ($550 Awards) - Call For Artists

Innovate Grant Spring 2022 Cycle ($550 Awards) – Call For Artists

Innovate Grant Spring 2022 Cycle ($550 Awards) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Innovate Grant is accepting submissions for the Innovate Grant Spring 2022 Cycle, awarding $550.00 grants to one visual artist and one photographer. In addition, (4) honorable mentions (2 in art and 2 in photo) will be featured and recognized on the Innovate Grant website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists. Innovate Grant’s commitment extends beyond the grant cycle by promoting the work of selected winners and honorable mentions into the future.

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Enter by: 16 June 2022

Visual artists and photographers 18 years and older, from all around the world, are eligible to apply. All media and genres are accepted. All applicants retain the right to the work they submit.

Innovate Grant Testimonials

“It is very gratifying and encouraging to be selected and obtain this support from Innovate Grant, thank you very much! Truly, it comes at a perfect time for contributing to the ongoing sculpture and animation projects that I am currently working on.” — Mahsa Merci, Innovate Grant Recipient Fall Art

“It’s so heartwarming and motivating to be selected and receive this support from Innovate Grant, thank you so much! It comes at a perfect time of developing a project and will contribute to a series of 3D printed sculptures – fictional organs of my body” — Joanna Wierzbicka, Innovate Grant Recipient Summer Art

“Receiving this grant will allow me to carry on with my project, which I had to pause in 2020, and start 2021 with more positivity. It makes me so happy knowing that there are people out there who believe in what I do and want to support my practice. Thank you so much Innovate Grant.” — Giulia Parlato, Innovate Grant Recipient Fall Photography

“The Innovate Grant helps to continue my research and expand my practice and I am profoundly grateful for that. I am constantly seeking out new ways of working and incorporating new materials into my practice and will make great use of this support.” — Bianca Barandun, Innovate Grant Recipient Summer Art

“The Innovate Grant will assist me in hiring help to create a series of molds for my next sculpture. In a time where things are particularly tight, I am grateful more than ever for this support.” — Kylie Lockwood, Innovate Grant Recipient Spring Art

“I am truly grateful for this grant! It’s rare as an artist to receive this kind of unrestricted funding that so directly supports your practice. This grant will contribute to material costs and the production of my next body of works.” — Lynnea Holland Weiss, Innovate Grant Recipient Winter Art

“Innovate Grant will greatly contribute to my practice! My view camera was recently smashed during an unfortunately dramatic shoot with a bird of prey. The Innovate Grant will help so much in either a replacement camera or the consistently necessary film costs.” — Dylan Hausthor, Innovate Grant Recipient Winter Photography

About Innovate Grant

Innovate Grant supports artists and photographers through quarterly grants. They simplified the grant process, so that artists and photographers can focus on making their innovative work. The work should speak for itself and the application reflects that. Innovate Grant was created out of the frustration of applying to grants with time-consuming requirements. These lengthy applications took valuable time and energy away from making new work. Countless hours were always sacrificed in either writing artist statements, crafting project proposals, and getting letters of recommendation.

Innovate Grant believes that time is one of the most valuable components to fostering creativity and innovation. Their aim is to provide the time you need to be fully immersed in your ideas and in creating your work. Keeping the grant process simple enables us to continue to support you on your important journey of creation, inspiration, and innovation.

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