Noteworthy (Online Art Exhibition) - Call For Artists

Noteworthy: The Art of Music (Online Art Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Noteworthy: The Art of Music (Online Art Exhibition) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists (STCEA) announces a call for artists for an online art exhibition, Noteworthy: The Art of Music.

Music has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and create atmospheres; similarly, visual art has the ability to convey the intangible and provoke a sensory experience. The Noteworthy exhibit seeks to celebrate the fusion of these two powerful mediums, inviting artists to translate the essence of music into visual form.

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Enter by: 15 February 2024

The theme for this exhibit is broad and open to interpretation. Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from any genre, era, or cultural aspect of music. Whether your work is a direct representation of a musical composition, abstract interpretation of rhythm and melody, or reflection on the emotional impact of music, show your unique perspective on the symbiosis between visual and auditory art. All mediums and styles are welcome.

STCEA provides a safe space for you to build creative confidence. Have your work evaluated through a competitive juried show process that is welcoming to art students, new and emerging artists, and seasoned artists alike. Having your work displayed in an international juried show is a great way to boost your artistic presence, increase sales, and build your exhibition portfolio for future show opportunities, gallery representation, or entrance to MFA programs – or just for fun and personal growth. Online exhibits are good for the environment and your pocketbook – you save shipping fees and artwork preparation costs as your work is professionally displayed in an online gallery with shareable links for your website and social media feeds. Plus, direct viewers to your online shop, where you’ll keep 100% of the proceeds for any artwork sold.

About Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists

Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists believes in art that does good and makes the world a better place. STCEA donates a portion of the proceeds from every exhibition to support local and national non-profits doing good work in the communities they serve. Needs addressed through the contributions from STCEA exhibits include food security and basic living needs, racial equity, environment and natural resources, substance abuse and mental health services, animal rights and care, refugee resettlement, music education, affordable housing, and health and human services.

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