Best Asian Artist (Virtual Competition) - Call For Artists

Best Asian Artist (Virtual Competition) – Call For Artists

Best Asian Artist (Virtual Competition) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] The Holy Art Gallery announces a call for artists for the 2023 Best Asian Artist virtual competition. Submit works in any medium. This is an open theme exhibition. Artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for consideration. You are welcome to submit works in any medium.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 29 December 2023

There is a chargeable fee ($55) for up to 3 x artworks.

Cash prizes available.

All Best Asian Artist participants will be included in an art loop on a dedicated screen in the Holy Art Gallery’s London location. Opening nights are often attended by 400 people.

The Holy Art Gallery’s website has 1,500 daily users. Their newsletter has 20,000 subscribers and Instagram account has 50,000 followers.

For artwork purchases, buyers will be directed to the artists. 0% commission from any sold work. 100% of funds go to the artist.

I have to say your exposition is really impressive. At first when I saw your open calls I didn’t think it would be a virtual environment but I was surprised. Your virtual environment shows you pay attention to detail, it’s not just the room itself, it has assets and makes it feel like a real space you would contemplate art, lights above the paintings, benchs, little plant pots, windows and open spaces, even fire extinguishers were added to the mockup, all that makes it feels like a safe space. I also really liked the way you organized your artists, they seem to complement each other and a lot of rooms had cohesion in style even if the whole exposition had variety. A lot of different levels of technic and different mediums too which allows a lot of artists to expand and grow no matter the stage, overall a lot of diversity but still consistent. It made me feel included in the art world, and sometimes as a young artist you don’t know how to seek that without feeling overwhelmed. This was a nice choice. It was really nice participating in The Art Of Self Regulation, it gave me a very nice experience for my first exposition even if online, and a somewhat similar feeling to what it’s to participate in a collective one. The team was really patient with me and I’m glad. – Tear

I’m Qöruja artist based in Valladolid (Spain). It has been a wonderful experience to work with The Holy Art Gallery. The virtual exhibition Cosmosis is an awesome project. I highlight from this gallery the incredible work, the kindness, disposition and professionalism. A great reference and pride for art! I will be happy to continue working and collaborating with them. – Imelda Hidalgo Zan/Qöruja

Right now, there is a surge of independent creatives wanting to do it themselves. The D.I.Y wave is probably the right term to use. Yet we can only get so far when we do it ourselves, trust me, I know, this is when collectives like the Holy Art become essential. Not only have they built a collective from the ground up, starting with facilitating virtual exhibitions for hundreds and hundreds of aspiring and emerging artists but they have created a platform for others to be seen, heard, and appreciated, three things we creatives want. The effort placed into what they are doing is not shallow, there is a real depth in wanting to display the works of creatives that are not being given the light of day. Something we do not see in the creative industry. They are not hard to reach, truly an email away from beginning your creative endeavour and I highly recommend you doing so. – Jaffar Aly

The NOSTALGIA exhibition was the first virtual show I participated in. Before that the very idea of showcasing my tactile textile art pieces in a digital space was absolutely abhorrent to me. However, the superb Holy Art team completely changed my view on it. The exhibitions are curated with so much care and the translation of a physical gallery space into a virtual one is done with great love to detail. I am glad I submitted my work and am grateful for the opportunity I was given be able to introduce my art to a broad, completely new and international audience I would not have reached with a physical show. From start to finish it has been a pleasure and. wonderful experience and a big part of that was thanks to the brilliant Holy Art team. – Vivien Reinert

The Holy Art are a wonderful gallery to work with. Their shows are articulately curated to show the best of contemporary art. – Emma Coyle

Glad to be part of this mesmerising virtual exhibition with artists from many different countries. With “Genesis”, art and new technologies create a new dimension and allow everyone, everywhere, to travel beyond time and space – Isabella Morandi

My name is Joanna Jass and I have had the honor of having my work exhibited, twice this year, with The HolyArt Gallery, in their virtual exhibition space. From submission to exhibition, the process has been fluid, professional with fínese and ease. Being able to deal with The Holy Art directly, throughout the process, aided this, and is what makes their group, stand out from others for Art calls. Not only do they showcase brilliant and extraordinary art within a stunning space but they look after the artist too and I respect that hugely! Right down to a simple audio, which is played during the virtual tour, (probably taken from an exhibition opening). Each detail has been thought about and fine-tuned, handled with care. I can not fault it! – Joanna Jass

I loved being a part of The Holy Art exhibition: Atopos! They are great communicators and the exhibition was truly unique. During Covid, when we can’t show our work in person, the amazing virtual walkthrough exhibition experience was very futuristic and accessible. It was a great way to be able to show my work to an international audience with an interesting format, as well as a way to link to other artists and possible clients. Thank you! – Hannah Witner

My first digital exhibition and so happy it was with The Holy Art! The virtual exhibition room was done really professional, the artists participating had beautiful artwork. The submission went quick and clearly, perfect website! Really happy to be part of this and probably again in the future! – Enso Artwork

It was a wonderful experience working with The Holy Art Gallery for the Revolution: Art and Change exhibition. They had the dedication to curate the exhibition to everyone’s needs and to exhibit artist’s work to promote their work in the best way possible. – Daniella Chamborro

I will always think fondly of The Holy Art Gallery for it has been my first London venue I was given the opportunity to show at. The approachability and work ethics of the team are exceptional making the whole experience of gallery – artist relationship easy and positive. The pre-promotion of the show, its Private View organisation, general artist care, and the continuous marketing during the rest of the well curated exhibition were faultless. A truly wonderful collective helping artists to be seen in an otherwise noisy world. – Veronika Lavey

I had a very good experience participating in the open call for virtual exhibitions. As a self-taught artist, it can be difficult to get an early show because you don’t have a connection to the art world, but THE HOLY ART is equally welcoming. The quality of the virtual exhibitions is excellent, and the promotion on SNS shows a very positive atmosphere at the gallery. It is a valuable gallery that helps all artists grow, regardless of their stage of career. I am grateful to have found a very conscientious gallery! – oxq

Having recently set myself up on Instagram as a platform to promote my work, I stumbled across The Holy Art whilst searching for open call and gallery opportunities. What initially grabbed my attention was their minimalist website and IG page which allowed the art to stand out. Since I first approached them in May 2021 I have been lucky enough to be chosen to feature in several of their virtual and physical exhibitions; Symphonia, Utopia, Revolution, and Cosmosis. From the start, I was very impressed with their professional and friendly nature. They know how to engage with artists and are quick to respond to any communication. Their promotional materials are sent out in good time and they will promote exhibitions and individual artists as promised on social media. It has been a pleasure working with The Holy Art thus far and I hope to build on the relationship. Having the support of an established gallery such as The Holy Art has been a great confidence boost. Thank you – Christopher Barrett

Working with you was very interesting for me and contributed to my personal development. Everything was very well organized, from open calls to souvenirs in your art market. The PR campaigns of the exhibitions were exciting, everyone wanted to drop in and look at something special. Your uniqueness is respect for all the artists you work with. I hope we will work together again! – Toma Savelyeva

My name is Guto Ajayu! artist based in Madrid, Spain. My experience with THE HOLY ART was very positive! It is a professional and serious gallery! I am very happy with my experience with them and I hope to continue collaborating in the future! – Guto Ayaju

Having my artworks chosen for the Genesis Virtual exhibition is a true honour! The Holy Art team has done an incredible job curating this gorgeous exhibition. In Rooms 1 and 2 you will find a variety of artworks, covering many styles and media, coming together beautifully. My experience with The Holy Art has been fantastic. Throughout the submission, selection and exhibition process, the amazing team was there for all my questions. Their timely support was truly impeccable and as professional as it gets! Thank you The Holy Art team!! – Clara Lemos

Its such an honor to be chosen to exhibit my work in a virtual exhibition of this wonderful gallery! They did such a great job to simulate a gallery. The artworks that are exhibited are very interesting as well. I had such a wonderful time looking around. Keep doing your amazing job guys and thank you! – Valeria Ganzman

I think online exhibition is a very convenient and good way to display artist works. You can see different works from anywhere and at any time. You can watch each author’s unique interpretation over and over again I guess this is the best way in this situation. – Zhang Fan

It’s fantastic to work with The Holy Art!As an artist,I am glad to see their patience and profession. The Holy Art offers a convenient and creative opportunity for collectors and artists from all world, especially under the pandemic circumstance. I appreciate their diversified and Avant-garde style which I can see from their previous exhibitions. It’s grateful to have a chance to cooperating with them. – Meng Lu

In a sea of art galleries, The Holy Art Gallery stands out as a highly professional one with a broad knowledge and sensibility for quality art works. Their exhibitions are thoroughly thought out and and the viewer gets to experience the curating finesse the team posses in the choice and in the placing of the works. For me as a young artist it was a pleasure to be selected to display my sculptures with the gallery and I am looking forward to further collaborations. – Aleksandra Belic

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The Holy Art Gallery has two permanent spaces, Athens and London. With an ever growing audience, the gallery has captured the attention of mainstream media and been featured in Harpers Bazzar Malaisia, Diner’s CLub Ecuador, Mega Channel Greece, and GQ Magazine UK.

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