London Art Hub - Call For Artists

London Art Hub – Call For Artists

London Art Hub – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] ArtSpace Innovations announces a call for artists for the London Art Hub. Showcase your art on a screen in the busy streets of London. The London Art Hub is an exceptional platform, effortlessly rising above the chaos on UK streets. Its unique format commands attention and captivates audiences with its sheer brilliance.

This exciting opportunity provides artists with the unique chance to showcase their work on public screens situated in highly prominent and bustling locations throughout the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom. Thousands of people pass by the screens on a daily basis.

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Register by: 5 January 2024

Fee: £550

File formats accepted: High Res JPEG. DPI: 300 dpi minimum.

Your artwork is displayed for up to 10 days on an art hub screen in London. Your art will be covering 1/4 of a screen. It will be showcased on a sequence of other media assets and will be performed several times in a day, 10 seconds at a time. The exact date of the installations will be announced to the successful applicants in late January.


  • Dalston
  • Chelsea
  • Notting Hill

About ArtSpace Innovations

ArtSpace Innovations is a team of passionate art enthusiasts dedicated to showcasing your work in innovative and exciting ways. With an extensive network of art galleries, curators, and collectors, combined with cutting-edge AR technology, ArtSpace helps you share your art with audiences around the globe like never before.

Whether you’re an established artist looking to expand your reach or a budding talent, yearning to make a mark in the art world, ArtSpace believes that everyone deserves a chance to shine. ArtSpace Innovations is committed to providing unique opportunities and personalized support to nurture your artistic journey.

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