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New Year’s Resolutions (Revisited)

New Year’s Resolutions (Revisited)

Can you believe that another year has passed by? Now that we have all had a happy holiday season, are getting into the new year’s groove, and planning strategies for marketing art, I want to give you a gift and tell you the number one reason so many of us just can’t seem to stick to New Year’s resolutions.


Resolution vs Motivation

You know the story. You tell yourself that you’re going to lose 30 pounds this year. Then the year passes you by and those gym shoes you bought in January haven’t left your closet since February. Whatever the resolution was for you, we have all been there. You probably spend every December wondering why you weren’t able to follow through on the goals you set for yourself.

It turns out that the problem isn’t with the New Year’s resolution itself. The number one reason we do not follow through with our New Year’s resolution has more to do with the reason we are trying to pursue the resolution to begin with.

We may tell ourselves that we want to lose 30 pounds this year because we want to be healthy. That is not what we care about at the end of the day. What we want is to be able to keep up with our friends on their Saturday morning hikes. We want to feel confident when we go to the beach in a swimsuit.

New Year, New Business?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs go into the New Year wanting to start a company. They say they want to create this business for money or to help people. Those reasons might be a part of your motivation for starting this business. There is more to it most of the time. Everyone needs money or wants to help people. There is a bigger motivation that is driving your decision to become an business owner. It may be that you want to buy your first house or you want the freedom to travel.

While you may feel that motivations like wanting to buy a house appear selfish, the only way to stick to resolutions is get in touch with why we want the end result. When we know what that motivation is, we can find the drive to stick to our goals this year and all the years to come.

Finding your motivation is a powerful way to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions. I know that achieving the things you want in the new year is far from easy. It is hard! It is doable.

Carlee Myers Headshot - Getting To The Root Of ProcrastinationCarlee Myers is the Founder of the Stress Less Company. She is an expert at helping people use art and creativity in order to find their passion again. As a firm believer in creativity, Carlee helps people find their purpose in life through a combination of coaching, creative expression, and experiential activities.




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