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April Artist – Stacey Elder

Stacey Elder is one of seven artists chosen from over 100 applicants for this month’s featured artist program.

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Check out her website:


April Artist – Megan Coonelly

Megan Coonelly is one of seven artists chosen from over 100 applicants for this month’s featured artist program.

Coonelly1 Coonelly2 Coonelly3

Check out her website:


Invite Only Opportunities

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Site Updates – April 2014


SideArts community,

April updates:

  • Updated call-for-artists search functions including ability to search by reach (local, regional, and so on) and whether there is an application fee or not.
  • We are testing some new email and member preference features.  Some members may receive an automated email.  No action is required and we are working to minimize any of these occurrences.

We do our best to test all updates prior to going live, but sometimes bugs slip past us.  If you see any errors, please report them to

What’s coming soon?

  • Improved listing search features including location and award amount ranges.
  • Improved email alerts including the ability to save search preferences and have them delivered at member’s set intervals.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

-Todd and the SideArts team


Artist’s guide to choosing better opportunities – Part 2

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced visual artist, there are good rules to follow when looking for your next opportunity to sell or show your artwork.

Due to the many free technology services that are available, organizations can connect with larger audiences more effectively.

Some organizations choose not to use these resources and may have good reasons for doing so, but a savvy visual artist must question how well that organization can promote their artwork.

Here are a few things to consider when applying for calls-for-artists in a technology friendly environment:

  • It should also go without saying, but we will: grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important. Organizations that use all caps, poor grammar, and bad spelling will not be able to communicate and promote your artwork well.

  • Organizations should provide a browser-based form for submissions including the ability to attach images.  Barriers to entry such as downloading, printing, burning disks, snail mailing and so on can be eliminated especially since they take up so much more of the artist’s time.  This applies to submitting payments as well.  Mailing checks creates another barrier to entry.  There are many types of free (or almost free) secure payment systems.

  • Organizations should provide a contact name, email address, and phone number.  The contact should not be hidden by using a browser-based form. Contact forms were popular when web-crawling email scrapers created spam issues, but most email providers have sophisticated spam filters which negate this problem.

  • The contact’s email should be a direct email with a domain specific address, such as or  In other words, emails should be from the organization rather than from an individual (

  • Many design competition serve as primarily market research.  This includes poster, logo, and t-shirt design contests. Consider: Who owns the submissions once they have been sent in? Does your artwork translate to their medium? How will you be compensated and recognized as the artist?

  • Organizations that do not typically promote artwork often solicit artists, including cafes, libraries, and religious institutions. Consider: What is their primary value proposition (it is most likely not promoting and selling artwork)?  Do their values align with your artwork? Do they have a factual quantitative track record for selling and showing artwork?

Making good decisions about which calls to apply to will translate to promoting and selling your artwork and crafts more effectively.

Part 2 next week.  Visit our FAQ page for additional resources.


April Artist: Theresa Bockenstedt

Theresa Bockenstedt is one of seven artists chosen from over 100 applicants for this month’s featured artist program.


Bockenstedt2 Bockenstedt3







Check out her website:


April Featured Artists

Thank you to all the amazing artists that applied to the April call for featured artists.  A jury is reviewed the 100+ submissions and has selected the following artists:

Theresa Bockenstedt

Megan Coonelly

Stacey Elder

Dana Filibert

Dion Hitchings

Rod Jones

Trevor Oxley

Selected artists will be promoted on the SideArts email list, Facebook, and Twitter accounts during April.


Call for Featured Artists

Artists featured monthly! Drive more traffic directly to your website.

Become a featured artist and reach:

  • 2000+ art enthusiasts
  • 200+ art organizations and businesses

Artists are promoted on the SideArts email list monthly as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Open internationally to all visual artists, crafters, photographers, and multi-media artists; there is no fee to apply.

Deadline for the next round is Monday, April 7, 2014.

The deadline has passed for April. New call for featured artists coming soon.

Artists will be notified only if accepted.  The selection is juried and not all artists are accepted.  Only previously unfeatured artists may apply, you may reapply monthly.

SideArts cares about your artwork and privacy.  We will not sell or provide your information or images to any outside party.


Artist’s guide to choosing better opportunities – Part 1

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced visual artist, there are always good rules to follow when looking for your next opportunity to sell or show your artwork.

1.  Look for opportunities that offer specific facts about the value to you rather than rhetoric about the opportunity..

Consider the difference between an opportunity that offers simply “exposure and foot traffic” and one that offers “an average of 400 guests per day and vendors sell an average of $3,000 over the course of the two day event.”  If applicable, the opportunity should list items like circulation rate and reach, specific social media and listserv reach, and offer verifiable testimonials from past participants.

Events that list the primary call to action as a benefit to the community or exposure are typically looking to get away with something for free.  While their hearts may be in the right place, you (the artist) provide a service and should be compensated fairly for your time and effort.

2.  The higher the application fee, the more the organization must precisely represent the value of the opportunity.

Any time an application fee is listed, the organization should describe how that fee will be used.  This is a good baseline for determining if the opportunity is being presented by a professional organization or by someone whom is playing curator.

3. Sometimes an award of services provided may be better than a cash prize, although a mix of both is best.

Services may include marketing collateral design and development, legal or accounting consulting, social media development and management, rental facilities, or other intangibles.  In any case, be sure that the specifics are well-defined and the cost alternative is clear.  For example, 3 hours of free in-person professional legal consulting provided by ABC Law Firm – a value of $750.

Part 2 next week.  Visit our FAQ page for additional resources.


Site Updates – March 2014


SideArts community,

The big news! – For a limited time, all member artists can access the full listings for free!  Log in and look around, updated daily.

There a few updates on the site for March:

  • Premium artist image slots increased from 20 to 40.
  • Artist member dashboards updated.
  • Blog page and artist page search categories updated.
  • A few minor fixes to the automation of account upgrade and downgrade functionality.

What’s coming soon?

  • Improved listing search features.
  • Improved email alerts.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

-Todd and the SideArts team


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