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Permanent Outdoor Sculpture 2020 (Ketchum, ID) – Call For Artists

Permanent Outdoor Sculpture 2020 (Ketchum, ID) – Call For Artists

The City of Ketchum, Idaho invites professional artists, architects, and designers to apply for a permanent outdoor sculpture 2020 installation at a site on the City’s Fourth Street Heritage Corridor. Original artwork by one selected artist, architect, designer, or artistic team will be displayed on an outdoor pedestal beginning in July 2020 and will become a permanent part of the city’s art collection. Total budget for the sculpture (either new or existing work), including artist fee, design, materials, fabrication, shipping, and installation is $29,000. The sculpture will be featured on the city’s website and in various social media forums.

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Deadline: 3 Dec 2019

Following review of the request for qualifications submissions, the Ketchum Arts Commission (KAC) will select up to three semi-finalists to submit proposals for new or existing work. Each semi-finalist will receive $250 upon submission of proposal.

One artist or artist team will be selected after a juried process to evaluate the submissions for the permanent outdoor sculpture 2020. The chosen work will then be recommended by the KAC to the Ketchum City Council for final approval, fabrication (if not yet fabricated), and installation on an existing concrete pedestal on Fourth Street between East and Walnut avenues.

About the City of Ketchum

The City of Ketchum is located in the Wood River Valley in south central Idaho. Founded in 1880 during the mining boom, Ketchum is now regarded as one of the most popular destinations for winter and summer visitors due to its world-class skiing, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, restaurants, art galleries, and shopping. In 2018, Ketchum was awarded designation by the International Dark-Sky Association as a Dark Sky Community and is included in the Nation’s first International Dark Sky Reserve, one of only 13 in the world. The City of Ketchum hosts the famous annual Wagon Days Parade, held on Labor Day weekend, and numerous other year-round attractions. Ketchum is home to more than 10,000 full- and part-time residents.

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I-4 Entrance Feature (Winter Park, FL) – Call For Artists

I-4 Entrance Feature (Winter Park, FL) – Call For Artists

The City of Winter Park is issuing a request for proposals for an I-4 Entrance Feature, an iconic piece of public art or architecture as part of the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment. The artwork should be located by the West Fairbanks Avenue I-4 entrance into Winter Park due to the very limited right of way at the Lee Road entrance.

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Deadline: 2 Dec 2019

The proposal must be for an original, welcoming artwork or architectural feature that relates to the amenities, history, charm and exciting future of Winter Park. The proposal must be for an artwork or architectural feature appropriate for permanent exhibition in the outdoor public realm. The selection must be appropriate and durable for Florida’s harsh environment. The artwork or architectural piece must be readable from cars and engaging for pedestrians. Winter Park is especially interested in supporting central Florida based artists and /or architects.

Location: The city holds a 12.5 foot partial easement at the road edge of the open space located by the northeast side of the West Fairbanks Avenue eastbound on ramp to I-4. The artwork is required to be located near I-4. This site offers a good opportunity for a larger or more complex artwork.

Budget: The budget for the complete project including research and development, construction, engineering, installation, and artist fee is $150,000.00. The city may provide in-kind services to be determined based on the selected proposal. The payment schedule will be negotiated with the selected artist/architect upon selection.

Artist Eligibility: Preference may be given to state and central Florida based artists. The artist, architect, or team must warrant that the artwork being commissioned is the original product of its own creative efforts; unless otherwise expressly stated in the proposal, the artwork is original; and a single edition that the artist(s) shall not reproduce, or allow others to do so without the City’s permission. The City has an unlimited, perpetual, and irrevocable right to use or reproduce the artwork in any non-commercial or commercial manner media whatsoever, including without limitation to prepare derivative works based upon the artwork and to distribute copies or images of the artwork.

I-4 Entrance Feature Selection Process

The City of Winter Park Public Art will review the submitted proposals and select 1-3 for departmental review. The recommendation will be presented to the City Commission for final selection. I-4 Mobility Partners and the I-4 Ultimate Endowment Committee, consisting of representatives from I-4 Mobility Partners, FDOT, and SGL Constructors, will have the final right of refusal over the design, placement, and content of such art installations to ensure that any proposed installations do not interfere with I-4 Ultimate project infrastructure or maintenance and that such concepts capture he spirit and character of the I-4 Ultimate Project and the community at large.

I-4 Entrance Feature Project Timeline

  • Proposal recommendations presented to the City Commission February 10, 2020
  • Proposals submitted to I-4 Ultimate Endowment Committee March 1, 2020
  • Final art selection approved May 1, 2020
  • Final art installation complete and in place February 1, 2021

About the City of Winter Park

The City of Winter Park is located in Orange County, Florida. The city is approximately nine square miles and has about 30,000 residents. Winter Park is the home of Rollins College and major cultural institutions including the Morse Museum of American Art, The Cornell Fine Arts Museum, and the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden. The downtown area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city has numerous examples of outstanding architecture by noted architects. It is noted for its many lakes and old growth trees.

The City of Winter Park is noted for its history as an artist colony and for its dynamic art and culture facilities. It is noted for its support of the arts. The City sponsors and staffs the Art and Culture Alliance, a gathering of the 19 cultural organizations located in the city limits. Visitors to central Florida come to Winter Park to enjoy its beautiful nature and built amenities.

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Public Sculpture Exhibition 2020 (Penticton, BC) – Call For Artists

Public Sculpture Exhibition 2020 (Penticton, BC) – Call For Artists

Penticton’s Public Sculpture Exhibition 2020 is now accepting applications from sculptors to take part in the 2020 exhibition, which opens May 2020. Created in 2016, Penticton’s Public Sculpture Exhibition (PPSE) is a year-long outdoor exhibit of original sculptures. The sculptures are owned by the artists and leased by the City of Penticton, BC. The city is looking for up to five (5) sculptures ($2600/lease/yr) to be located along the Okanagan Lake waterfront or downtown and one (1) larger feature sculpture ($6500/lease/yr) for the Front Street roundabout.

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Deadline: 13 Dec 2019

The Pentiction Public Sculpture Exhibition 2020 is committed to serving the public by providing access to various mediums of public sculpture. It is well noted that public art slows down the pedestrian traffic, providing a positive impact on the enjoyment and mood of the general public. It influences how people see and connect within their communities and provides an opportunity for dialogue between friends and strangers alike. Through an annual revolving collection of sculptures, the City of Pentiction hopes to provide a freshness to public art that engages, connects, and provides its community with a sense of image and identity, as well as include artists as contributors to this cultural fabric.


  • January 25th, 2020: Notification of selection committee results
  • May 7-8th, 2020: Sculpture delivery and placement (late installations will not be accepted)
  • May 9th, 2020: Unveiling Event
  • April 6-10th, 2021: Sculptures are removed

General Information

  • PPSE is open to professional sculptors of all backgrounds.
  • Completed sculptures or proposed designs can be submitted. For proposed designs, examples of previous work must be included, as well as detailed drawings of the proposed sculpture.
  • Artists will be paid a set lease price of $2,600 for the waterfront/downtown sculptures.
  • Sculptures are required to remain on site for the duration of the project (May 2020 – April 2021).
  • Artists will be responsible for transportation of their sculpture to and from site. Pedestals / pads will be provided by the PPSE.
  • Artists will retain the ownership of their sculpture and will be responsible for carrying comprehensive insurance to cover it in the event of theft or vandalism and public liability or will sign an indemnification in favour of the City of Penticton for any liability claims against the City as a result of the existence or location of the sculpture within the City during the exhibition. The risk of loss or damage to the sculpture will always be borne by the artist, and the artist will be responsible to repair and or replace all or part of the sculpture in the event of loss or damage thereto during the exhibition.
  • The City will enter into a lease agreement with the Artist for the duration of the exhibition and the Artist is responsible to uphold all terms and conditions of the agreement as set out by the City.
  • City staff will assist with installation to ensure that the work is done in accordance with City standards and optimizes viewing of the sculpture.
  • Up to $300 per sculpture will be allocated for signage that the City will create and install in consultation with the artist.
  • At the end of the lease any sales/leases of sculptures will be conducted solely by the artist or their agent and will not involve the City.
  • The City will be responsible for media relations and publicity for the sculpture exhibition.
  • The artist will retain copyright for their sculpture and grant the City a license to take and distribute images of the sculptures. Any other likeness or models of the sculpture will not be created without the explicit permission of the artist.
  • Sculptures will be placed in predetermined locations at the discretion of the PPSE committee and City.
  • Artists are encouraged to be present for the installation of their sculpture(s) on May 7-8th 2020 and removal April 6-10th 2020. In the event the artist cannot be present, they are required to provide in writing a representative to conduct this work on their behalf.
  • For international entries, artists must cover their own shipping costs up front and will need to pay for any import fees and customer broker fees.

Sculpture Requirements

  • A stainless steel base plate or stainless steel strips should be securely attached to the bottom of each piece(s) so they can be welded to the pedestal or fastened with inserts to a concrete pad (this installation method requires ½’ bolt holes to be bored through plate or strips).
  • All sculptures need to be made of a durable material for the yearlong outdoor setting and constructed with safety in mind for display in a public setting. Metal sculptures should be sealed/powder-coated to avoid rust bleeding onto pedestal or pad.
  • Sculptures being proposed for the waterfront/downtown must be a minimum of 3’ high.

Judging Criteria

  • Entries will be judged on artistic merit, creativity, public safety, and durability in an outdoor setting.
  • The jury will review and approve the submissions with decisions being made on a consensus or majority vote.
  • The jury, with input from City staff, will consider the proposal’s materials, construction, durability, maintenance, public access, and safety.
  • The jury may opt to not accept any of the submissions, in which case the selection process may be re-opened.

Public Sculpture Exhibition 2020 Artist Benefits

With Pentiction being a year-round tourist destination in British Columbia’s heart of the Okanagan, chosen artists will benefit by receiving access to the general public for a period of one full year for the waterfront or downtown sites, and a possible two year period for the Front Street roundabout site.

Throughout the lease period, artists gain access to further leasing or sales opportunities that may conclude at the end of the lease period. These further opportunities will be conducted solely by the artist and outside of the involvement of the City.

About The City Of Penticton

The City of Penticton is a vibrant, innovative, adventurous waterfront city focused on sustainability, community, and economic opportunity. Penticton is located in the south central region of British Columbia in an area known collectively as the Okanagan Valley. With over 2100 hours of sunshine and only 15 inches of rain annually, the area has a comfortable climate year round.

Penticton is one of two cities in the world situated between two lakes. Beaches and water fun are part of the Summer culture – dive in like a local and get wet. Okanagan and Skaha Beaches feature nearly 15 acres of premium, sandy beach and swimming areas. Along with all of the year-round recreational activities available, agriculture has been an important contributor to Penticton’s livelihood. There are over 80 wineries in the Penticton metropolitan area, 5 craft breweries, and 3 distilleries all within easy distance of the downtown core.

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Iliff Station Roundabout Sculpture (Aurora, CO) – Call For Artists

Iliff Station Roundabout Sculpture (Aurora, CO) – Call For Artists

The City of Aurora Art In Public Places Program selection panel is seeking to commission an artist for the Iliff Station Roundabout Sculpture. Create a sculptural environment composed of multiple components within this roundabout which is about 70’ in diameter. There is no public access to the roundabout, so the artwork should be designed to be viewed by car or from the various streets surrounding the site. Benches, interactive art, or highly detailed artwork would not be appropriate for this project.

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Deadline: 21 Oct 2019

The artwork should have physical presence and be scaled appropriately for this site. Due to the size of the roundabout, multiple elements working together to create a singular composition would be ideal. It must be designed to be appreciated from all sides. The artwork could be colorful and kinetic. The artwork should not be too shiny or reflective, or in any way create a distraction for drivers.

The elements can be large and massive enough to block direct views across the roundabout. This enables drivers to focus on what is ahead of them, not across or through the roundabout. Thematically, the artwork could embrace a transportation related theme, such as people using various transportation modes literally or abstractly. Transportation modes might represent the diversity of abilities. It could include elements such as walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, canes, bicycles, cars, trains, feet, scooters, motorcycles, skis, sleds, canoes, kayaks, rafts, and airplanes as well as innovative and futuristic options.

The artwork must be constructed from materials that are sufficiently durable to withstand the Colorado climate and altitude. These conditions include extreme temperature changes (over 40 degrees) in just a few hours and subzero temperatures as well as temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, high winds, intense sun, low humidity, and precipitation in the form of rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

Budget: $215,158 (There is a separate budget that the city will use for site preparation and minimal landscaping appropriate to the nature of the sculpture.)

About the City of Aurora

The Iliff Station Roundabout Sculpture will be located in Aurora, CO. Aurora is Colorado’s third largest city, and the safest large city in Colorado, spanning three counties in the eastern Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area. The city embraces a highly diverse population of over 350,000 residents who enjoy access to quality education, Colorado’s natural beauty and active lifestyle, and an array of cultural amenities within the context of a vibrant and growing community. Aurora is home to top national employers in aerospace and defense, bioscience, healthcare, and alternative energy.

Situated on prairie grasslands, rolling hills and the northern tip of the Black Forest, Aurora offers a unique quality of life that blends a traditional sense of community with a range of outdoor and leisure activities. Residents enjoy a wealth of opportunities and are proud to call Aurora home.

Aurora Regional Transportation District

Aurora welcomed the light rail in early 2017 with the opening of R-Line as a branch of the public transportation network provided by the Regional Transportation District (RTD.) The R-Line is known for the strong public art at each station which resulted from a robust partnership between the city of Aurora (COA) and RTD. The New York Times magazine listed Aurora as one of the top places to see public art in 2017. Two sculptures adorn the Iliff Station environment, one located at the station, and the other located outside the Iliff Station Parking Garage. In this area, the R-Line follows the path of 1-225, a major highway providing access to Denver International Airport

Opportunities abound for transit-oriented development (TOD) along the R- line, especially around each station. The area around the Iliff Station has seen rapid transformation with the addition of contemporary high-density apartment living and mixed-use development in an area better known for single family housing on good sized lots and age-restricted retirement communities. These three and four-story apartment complexes in a pedestrian friendly environment are designed to meet the needs of the young professionals attracted to the employment opportunities and active life-style of this growing community.

In addition to the city’s 1% for Art Ordinance, Aurora has an ordinance requiring art within transit-oriented-development districts. New apartments just north of the station are already home to a highly visible ceramic mural entitled “Double Dip.” The Iliff Station Roundabout Sculpture will be located just south of the parking garage. The addition of sculpture on this roundabout will help to establish this area as a new public art hub within a community where the arts are thriving.

About the Art In Public Places Program

Aurora’s Art in Public Places Program enhances the quality of life in Aurora as high-quality neighborhoods and public spaces are developed and maintained. Locally and nationally renowned artists have created 240 individual pieces to enhance the city’s public spaces with works of art ranging from outdoor sculptures and murals to functional works integrated into the architecture. The program is funded from a city ordinance requiring the dedication of 1 percent of the funds used to build city of Aurora construction and remodeling projects with budgets of $100,000 or more. Grants and fundraising efforts also fund city public art projects.

The Art in Public Places Program is governed by the nine-member Aurora City Council-appointed Art in Public Places Commission. The commission is responsible for making recommendations to the city council regarding the public art program, including project budget allocation, strategic planning, development of policies and procedures,and approval of artwork to be commissioned or purchased.

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Button Sculpture Installations (Doraville, GA) – Call For Artists

Button Sculpture Installations (Doraville, GA) – Call For Artists

Button Art is seeking artist submissions for button sculpture installations following Gwinnett’s Bicentennial Anniversary. To further the love of art in Gwinnett, Button Art – in collaboration with artists across all mediums and boundaries – will manage, create, and install 200 original button sculpture installations throughout Gwinnett inspired by the County’s 200th birthday and celebrating the future of Gwinnett. Each button sculpture will have a plaque bearing names of sponsors and the artist.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 2 Jan 2020

Open to all artists. Only digital images can be submitted as JPEG, PNG or PDF files with minimum 300 DPI resolution suitable to print 47.5” x 47.5“.

Button Sculpture Installations Award Categories

Most Liked Art on Button Art Instagram

  • First Place: $10,000
  • Second Place: $7,500
  • Third Place: $5,000

Most Liked Art on Button Art Facebook

  • First Place: $10,000
  • Second Place: $7,500
  • Third Place: $5,000

Additional Awards

  • Most Innovative Artist: $7,500
  • Best Original Artist: $5,000
  • Best Digital Artist: $5,000
  • Best Photographer: $5,000
  • Most Reflective Art of Gwinnett’s History: $5,000
  • Best Art by Team Collaboration: $5,000
  • Oldest Artist: $5,000
  • Youngest Artist: $5,000
  • Five Honorable Mentions ($1,000 each): $5,000

All art will be on display for the public to engage with and enjoy, while paying tribute to the history of Gwinnett County, GA.

About Button Art

Button Art provides an art presence for the local community by collecting and curating a wide range of art submitted by local and national artists.

Button Art works with the County to provide access to public areas for the display of the art; collaborate with local and national artists; select artwork to be applied on sculptures; identify the causes and create the themes for the sculptures; and manage production, delivery, and installation of the sculptures. Additionally, Button Art organizes community events to publicize and showcase the art and artists behind the art and raise funds to further develop the culture of art across the County.

For more information, contact

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Bus Stop Installations 2019 (Dallas, TX) – Call For Artists

Bus Stop Installations 2019 (Dallas, TX) – Call For Artists

The Mayor’s Star Council (MSC) is issuing a call to artists/artist teams interested in creating unique durable artwork to serve as bus stop installations 2019 at specific locations in Southern Dallas. Each installation is sponsored by private donors and maintained by DART as part of a network of art installations in Dallas bus stops. The MSC has teamed up with DART, DISD, and local Dallas artists on this new initiative. Together with partners, the MSC is creating the opportunity for artwork designed by local artists, and co-envisioned by Dallas high school students, to be showcased at select DART bus stops throughout the City of Dallas.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 27 Sept 2019

Each unique bus stop installation:

  • Encourages local students to envision and take ownership for the future of their communities. Working with a team of artists, students envision the future of their neighborhoods while connecting that vision to the recognition and honor of the community’s past.
  • Highlights the history and culture of the neighborhood in Dallas it is located in. This project promotes the strong heritage of communities in Southern Dallas. It highlights the stories and history that aren’t always visible in locations visited by hundreds to thousands daily.
  • Connects Northern and Southern Dallas. By offering a uniquely creative opportunity for investment, the Bus Stop installations facilitate the economic and cultural linkage of south and north. They enable Dallas-based donors and corporations from across the region to consider and invest in Southern Dallas. Sister stops offer the additional opportunity for students and all interested Dallas residents to follow the trail or bus route connecting two Dallas communities.
  • Incorporates the brand or logo of the sponsor. The Bus Stop installations offer a unique way to highlight organizations making an impact in our city.

Bus Stop Installations 2019 Artist Benefits

Artists will be paid $1000 for their participation. They will be part of a unique collaboration between Mayor’s Star Council, DISD high school students, a local business, DART, and a local Dallas community. Artists learn about the history of the neighborhood. They will be inspired by the kids who will provide their vision for the future of the neighborhood. The art piece will be installed in a DART bus stop shelter. It will be visible for the community for years to come. Thousands of people will be exposed to this art piece. The artist becomes part of the MSC community, continuing to work alongside our group in new capacities.

About Mayor’s  Star Council

The Mayor’s Star Council’s mission is to empower leaders to impact Dallas through three pillars: Learn, Connect, and Serve. MSC members engage with peers who share the same passion for improving Dallas. They gain valuable experience that serves as a catalyst for becoming a committed leader.

The MSC is made up of a group of diverse leaders from the ages of 25-40 that come from eight different areas of cultural and professional influence: Arts ahd Entertainment, Business, Education, Government, Hospitality & Tourism, Media, Religion, and the Social Sector. This group has accepted the challenge from the Mayor to be civically engaged in the challenges the city faces rather than inheriting them in the future. While not officially affiliated with the city, MSC works alongside the Mayor of Dallas. The MSC projects reflect the priorities set forth by the Mayor. MSC works collaboratively with the Mayor to assist with key initiatives, including GrowSouth.

For more information, contact

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Bicycle Rack Artwork Project (Santa Ana, CA) – Call For Artists

Bicycle Rack Artwork Project (Santa Ana, CA) – Call For Artists

Arts Orange County announces a call for artists for a bicycle rack artwork project at the Santa Ana Veterans Village (SAVV). SAVV is a Permanent Supportive Housing development designed to provide critical shelter and services to homeless veterans navigating the transition off the streets. SAVV is now under construction by not-for-profit developer Jamboree Housing Corporation, and will open in Spring 2020.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 15 Jul 2019

Artists, private collectors, galleries, and museums/non-profit institutions are invited to submit their qualifications, design concepts or existing artworks for consideration. No application fees required.

Santa Ana Veterans Village desires to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and healing environment for its residents and visitors. Some of whom have experienced severe war-time trauma and its after-effects. Therefore, Arts Orange County is seeking artwork that is uplifting in spirit, does not employ military imagery, or have the potential to be disturbing or to trigger distress.

Bicycle Rack Artwork Project Artist Benefits

For the Bicycle Rack Artwork Project, fee is to be no greater than $15,000. The fee is to include design, review by a structural engineer, fabrication, delivery to site, preparation of a maintenance plan, and cost of artist’s travel to site to oversee its installation by Jamboree’s contracted professional art installation subcontractor. Final installed work becomes the property of Santa Ana Village LP. Artist’s work will have a permanent home making a contribution to an environment with a specific and urgent social good at its heart.

Artist Equity

As a non-profit arts agency, Arts Orange County sees the empowerment and enrichment of diverse voices and underprivileged communities as a key mission of the arts. The annual Imagination Celebration produces over forty low-cost educational artistic events for Orange County’s children, including the annual Dia del Nino weekend fair that spotlights the work of Latino artists and performers. The annual Orange County Arts Awards give support and a spotlight to arts leaders and visionaries emerging from our diverse communities.

The healthy re-integration of military veterans into civilian society is an urgent mission that impacts public health, housing, and reflects our civic values. Art can be a benefit for any population sector in need.

About Arts Orange County

Arts Orange County, an independent nonprofit organization, is the officially-designated local arts agency of the County of Orange and its official state-local arts agency partner. They have facilitated previously the public art selection process for the City of Newport Beach’s Civic Center Sculpture Exhibition and prepared Arts and Culture Master Plans for multiple Orange County cities. Their commitment to the veteran community includes twice-annual productions of VOICES: Veterans Storytelling Project. VOICES is a therapeutic workshop that helps real veterans turn the stories of their service into scripts which they deliver in public performances at Heroes Hall at the O.C. Fair and Event Center.

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Decatur Artway Phase V (Decatur, GA) – Call For Artists

Decatur Artway Phase V (Decatur, GA) – Call For Artists

The Decatur Arts Alliance seeks sculptures to be placed in the city of Decatur, Georgia as part of Decatur Artway Phase V. Sculptors are encouraged to be a part of this two-year sculpture exhibition.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 31 Jul 2019

The sculpture must be available for the duration of the two-year contract. All submissions must be professionally constructed of durable materials which will withstand the elements. No maquettes or renderings will be considered for selection. Decatur Arts Alliance will only accept existing and ready to install works. All durable outdoor media are encouraged. Delivery and installation of the selected work will be scheduled the week of October 7 through 11. If the submitted work has been selected and confirmed for another exhibition before July 31, 2019, please contact Angie Macon, Decatur Arts Alliance at your earliest convenience.

Decatur Artway Phase V Artist Benefits

Decatur Artway Phase V selected artists will be awarded an honorarium of $2000. The installed work may be available for sale. Artwork sold as a result of the Decatur Artway will be subject to a 20% commission. It will be deducted from the purchase price and retained by the Decatur Arts Alliance.

The Decatur Arts Alliance will, in partnership with the Decatur Tourism Bureau and the Downtown Development Authority, market the Decatur Artway to include (but not limited to) printed walking/cycling/driving sculpture tours, online tour with a mobile app, and docent lead tours for visitors and residents. The Decatur Artway opening will include an artist talk which will be videotaped and used on the mobile app and website.

About Decatur Arts Alliance

The Decatur Arts Alliance (DAA) is a nonprofit partnership of artists, business owners, and residents dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts in the city of Decatur, GA. The DAA sponsors the annual festivals and special art events for members only. It provides a collaborative environment to coordinate the interests of artists, gallery owners, theater groups, dance groups, and performance venues within Decatur. DAA develops the city as a strong arts community. DAA sponsors the Decatur Arts Festival, the YEA! event for young emerging artists, Oakhurst Porchfest, and the Decatur Wine Festival.

For more information, contact

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Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) – Call For Artists

Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) – Call For Artists

Fontys announces a call for artists for the Master Performing Public Space, a new one-year Master program inviting international artists from all disciplines for the 2019/20 intake. In this program, artists focus on public space as their artistic environment together with an international community of artists and researchers. This new Master offers an enriching and flexible research environment which directly relates to the artist’s current artistic work in public space.

Click here for the application / registration 

Deadline: 31 May 2019

The teaching methods are designed to be highly adaptable. Individual coaching is paired with 24/7 access to the online interaction platform, together with regular on-site intensive weeks held in the Netherlands, will make participants part of a sustainable creative international community.

Master Performing Public Space Program

This Master focuses strongly on building an international learning environment based on a like-minded and ambitious group of creatives. They seek to strengthen their international arts network and analyze the versatile facets of public space. An artistic mind will be refined as a consequence of breaking down barriers. It will become more developed via interaction with people from other cultures, backgrounds, and artistic disciplines.

Combining or interacting with other artistic forms is an interesting way to improve one’s understanding of artistic form. The best artists will typically be those with a wide appreciation. This appreciation naturally comes as a consequence of interacting with like-minded but fundamentally different people. A problem solved by students originating from different cultures, which this Master not only supports, but also actively encourages.

Combining an interdisciplinary range of approaches including critical theory and other modes of analysis with an equally diverse range of research methods, the program offers creatives the opportunity to explore the impact of producing work in public space.

So defined is the course’s approach to flexibility and forward-thinking, it is designed for creatives from a variety of art disciplines. Creatives with a background in theatre, dance, circus, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts, and graphic design are welcome to join this program. In fact, graduates of all art disciplines will be considered for this Masters course.

The full-time blended learning program combines online and on-site learning. While the program lasts one year, the majority of study will occur online via an online learning platform. While working on individual projects in your home country, you will have access to the 24/7 online platform for intensive research and creative dialogue with your peers and mentors.

Master Performing Public Space Bootcamps

In addition, successful applicants will be invited to join on-site intensive ‘Bootcamps’, in the Netherlands. Three occasions per year (two weeks each, for a total of six-weeks). In order to enrich interaction and to expose students to a variety of working methods, the Bootcamps, held in Tilburg, provide the necessary setting and hands-on approach to investigate, develop, and test work in the field – the public space.

An experienced team of teachers, creative leaders, distinguished visiting artists, and partner organizations will provide the necessary cross-disciplinary support, knowledge, and guidance throughout the program. The teaching methods are designed to be highly adaptable. Students will be asked to actively engage with the program’s community. They will co-shape the content of the program to their individual needs.

About Fontys

Fontys is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. They offer a variety of bachelors and masters programmes in English. They have more international students than any other university in the Netherlands, with students of more than 80 nationalities.

Fontys offers 29 international Bachelors and Masters programmes in English including the Master Performing Public Space. They cover a wide range of fields: ICT, Engineering, Fine and Performance Arts, Marketing, Business, Communication, and Physiotherapy. They welcome a large number of International students to join one of our 50 English-taught exchange programmes.

Programmes are very diverse: a mix of theory, application of knowledge, internships, and graduation assignments. One part of the programmes is the minor which gives students the opportunity to broaden or deepen their knowledge. This is possible at Fontys, at another Dutch Higher Education Institute, or abroad at one of many international partner universities.

For more information, contact


Art On The Atlanta BeltLine (Atlanta, GA) – Call For Artists

Art On The Atlanta BeltLine (Atlanta, GA) – Call For Artists

Atlanta BeltLine announces a call for artists for the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. They seek visual artists, performers, musicians, lecturers, and art historians to apply for the 2019 exhibition season. Historic, environmental, cultural, functional, urban design, and/or aesthetic aspects of the Atlanta BeltLine are good starting points to consider for potential proposal submissions. Projects should be well-researched, well-planned, and feasible.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 26 Apr 2019

Although not limited to the following examples, potential projects might include all or some of the following: temporary art, sculptural or visual installations; amenities for visitors such as benches, bike racks, and shade structures; gateway or entrance works; performance works including, but not limited to, street and travelling performers, parade, music, dance, theater, and performance art; utilization of fences or screening devices; loan of existing artwork such as sculptures or assemblages; murals; environmental works; school or class projects; historical or didactic works; projects that promote exploration of Atlanta BeltLine trails; and organizational collaborations.

Art On The Atlanta BeltLine Artist Benefits

The Atlanta BeltLine is the largest temporary public art exhibit in the South, with over 20,000 visitors each week spanning the seven miles of walkable trails. This is the tenth anniversary of Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. With the opening of the Southside interim hiking trail, there will be 12 miles linear gallery space. Accepted works will be experienced by members of over 45 in-town neighborhoods with their diverse backgrounds and culture histories, as well as the myriad unique visitors to the Atlanta-based trails annually. All accepted works will be featured on Atlanta BeltLine social media, press releases, company website, and exhibition catalog.

About Altanta BeltLine

As one of the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs in the United States, the Atlanta BeltLine is building a more socially and economically resilient Atlanta with partner organizations and host communities through job creation, inclusive transportation systems, affordable housing, and public spaces for all. The innovative concept began as the master’s thesis project from a Georgia Institute of Technology student in 1999. In the last twenty years, it has grown to be an internationally recognized endeavor, garnering respect and accolades not only for its engineering and transportation ambitions, but also the richness of its community engagement and arts program.

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