Sans Titre (Paris, France) - Call For Artists From GaleriaZero

Sans Titre (Paris, France) – Call For Artists

Sans Titre (Paris, France) – Call For Artists

GaleriaZero announces an open call for artists to join their upcoming exhibition, Sans Titre, in Paris 16 – 19 September 2019. What we see has no title. Reality is always without title. For this reason, this exhibition is called Sans Titre. If possible, all selected works should be without title not only to change the habit of our brain to search for references before seeing the works, but also to increase the confidence in our own eyes and perception independent of any additional information.

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Deadline: 25 Jul 2019

Sans Titre is a yearly exhibition in Paris. This time, it will be held in an art gallery in the famous art district of Le Marais. As generally known, Le Marais is the most interesting area for art in Paris. It is where all the leading art galleries are as well with numerous museums like Musée national Picasso.

Sans Titre Artist Benefits

The artists will participate in an exhibition. A select public audience will be able to see and buy their work. The exhibition will be promoted internationally in social media, virtual magazines, and press releases. Selected artists will be selected for participation in further upcoming exhibitions in Milan, Barcelona, and New York. Participating artists are eligible for individual exhibitions in Barcelona during 2020 in collaborating art galleries in the center of the city. Many artists benefited from international promotion by means of international exhibitions, art fair participation, and the realization of individual art shows.

About GaleriaZero

GaleriaZero began in 1997 and had numerous international exhibitions in all European countries as well as Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, and Montreal.

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