Curiosity (Woodstock, IL) - Call For Artists From J + K Isacson

Curiosity (Woodstock, IL) – Call For Artists

Curiosity (Woodstock, IL) – Call For Artists

J + K Isacson announces a call for artists for Curiosity, a five week national fine art exhibition focused on exploration of the unusual and the human need to discover.​​ Art can be a journey of exploration into the unfamiliar, or unknown, and has the power to introduce us to the new and unusual.​

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Deadline: 20 Nov 2019

Artists are encouraged to submit work that explores their own personal curiosities about themselves and the world or artwork that is, itself, an unusual curiosity. All mediums are welcomed for submission. ​As an artist, what intrigues you? Is your artwork a journal for your new experiences and obsessions? Show us how you have explored new experiences or ideas through your artwork. Exhibition curated by J + K Isacson in partnership with the Old Courthouse Arts Center.

Curiosity Artist Benefits

Best in show & Honorable mention awards presented opening night. Artists/artwork from the exhibition will receive promotion online and via promotional videos sent to mailing lists and shared on social media. Artists from exhibitions that go on to a museum location are encouraged to be in invitational versions of the exhibition. Steady foot traffic throughout the week. There is good traffic flow during this exhibition due to Woodstock’s Groundhog Day festivities, which brings in tourism.

Social Equity

J + K Isacson intentionally curates for inclusion. Some themes expressly highlight artists whose voices have not been heard, including artists from different ethnicities, psychological disorders, religions, gender identity, and sexual orientation. They seek to give a platform to artists whose style of artwork or whose personal characteristics have provided them with limited opportunity to show in all our exhibitions.

About J + K Isacson

J + K Isacson works with emerging, mid-career, and museum-exhibiting artists. J + K Isacson are curators for the exhibition, working in partnership with the Northern Area Arts Council and the Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock, IL. It overlooks historic Woodstock square, which you may recognize from the film Groundhog Day.

The Old Courthouse was constructed in 1857, a classic brick structure designed by one of the country’s most prominent architects, John Mills Van Osdel. The adjoining Sheriff’s House & Jail was built 30 years later. After 115 years as the focal point of McHenry County government, the county outgrew the buildings in 1972 and the complex was to be demolished for a parking lot. It was saved from the wrecker’s ball by Woodstock residents Cliff and Bev Ganschow. The Ganschows bought the buildings and began an extensive renovation program completed for American’s Bicentennial in 1976. Because of the buildings’ architectural and historical significance, both the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House & Jail are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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