Sell At 100 Galleries (Online Art Exhibition) - Call For Artists

Sell At 100 Galleries (Online Art Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Sell At 100 Galleries (Online Art Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Biafarin is pleased to invite you to submit your artwork for Sell at 100 Galleries annual art sales festival 2020. This unique opportunity showcases your artworks for sales in up to 100 online links around the world. Displaying your art in such scope boosts your digital presence and SEO, helps you to reach millions of art lovers, and creates a real chance of selling your artworks worldwide.

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Deadline: 20 Nov 2020

As social distancing protocols have become a part of our daily life, we all learned to change the ways we used to buy anything, and art is no different. Online art sales have been on the rise for the past 5 years. Adapting to live with COVID-19 has accelerated the growth rate even more.

Sell At 100 Galleries Art Sales Festival artists benefit from the vast distribution of their artworks:

  • Place artworks in up to 100 links
  • Boost digital presence
  • Enhance artists SEO effectively
  • Reach around 10 million art lovers, collectors, and art experts globally in a month
  • Provide certificate of selection
  • If not selected for this opportunity, artist paid fee will be refunded via Paypal
  • Promote artworks in social media

About Biafarin

Biafarin is a Canadian artist management company with a network of artists in 70+ countries. As an art technology company, our online platform empowers artists to present, promote, and sell their art worldwide. Since 2014, Biafarin has helped and supported thousands of artists to launch their art career with an intensive online art marketing program, assisting artists to distribute and sell their art, get exhibitions worldwide, participate in art opportunities, receive art critiques and interviews, get feedback from visitors, and receive statistical reports and insights about visitors of their art.

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