Diversia: Life (Online International Group Exhibition) - Call For Artists

Diversia: Life (Online International Group Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Diversia: Life (Online International Group Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Biafarin announces a call for artists for Diversia: Life, a full-featured online group exhibition in February 2021 combined with online sales, artist certificate, promotion, and a colorful stylish exhibition book. The focus of the this exhibition is Life as we see, think, imagine, and live it.

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Deadline: 28 Jan 2021

Submit artworks that present your artistic expression of Life. Tell your unique visual story of Life. Is it beautiful, treasured, too short, worrisome, hard, happy, sad, strange, tough, dramatic, precious, sweet, or bitter? Can you imagine life as a series of baby steps, journey, adventure, artwork, game, book, choice, highway,  or junction? What do you make of it – a universal truth, temporary state, biological processes, or endless circle? Any abstract or representational interpretations of this subject are welcome.

Diversia: Life Artist Benefits

  • Group Exhibition: Selected artworks will be exhibited online in a smart group exhibition from February 01, 2021 to February 28, 2021.
  • Artwork Sales: Selected artworks will be promoted to sell via online exhibition link.
  • Exhibition Catalogue: All selected artworks and artists will be published in a stylish colorful exhibition catalogue available online and in print (print-on-demand and upon order). The catalogue will be promoted internationally and circulated and available to thousands of art lovers online.
  • Promotional Badges: A digital promotional badge for each artwork will be sent to each artist to share in the social media.
  • Artwork Reviews: All exhibition visitors can submit their reviews and ratings of the exhibition and each artwork online. The reviews act as a bridge to visitors’ minds and hearts and will be sent to each selected artist for exhibition by email.
  • Exhibition Promotion: A promotion program including exhibition press release sent out, catalogue circulation and social media presentation, will be executed to boost the selected artists’ exposure and increase the artwork sales during the exhibition period.
  • Reports, Analytics, and Insights: A report containing the number of views, reviews, artworks popularity, and engagement rate of exhibition viewers with artworks along with sales statistics will be sent to artists regularly.
  • Publication: Some of the selected artworks might be published in various magazines and books in Biafarin art network for promotion purposes.
  • Biafarin Certificate: A digital certificate will be issued for all Diversia: Life participants and selected artists. Each artist can print the digital certificate from Biafarin platform, after the submission is complete.
  • Biafarin Free Shipment: Selected Biafarin members with Gold and Platinum membership will use a free shipment of their artwork(s) in case of sales.

Diversia is a series of monthly exhibitions presented by Exhibizone, the worldwide online exhibition zone. It has been created to support artists to showcase their art based on diverse subjects and themes. Exhibizone shows are very popular and each show get around 25000+ views.

About Biafarin

Biafarin means “create” in the ancient empire of Perse, ruling in the 6th century BC, which has been one of the richest art heritages in the world’s history. This name was chosen to represent deep admiration for creations, creators, and creatures around the world.

Biafarin is a registered Canadian business in Ontario. They offer services through an artist management platform, established to help artists worldwide to present their artistic career, promote their art, sell their artworks, and create more revenue from new channels. As a resourceful multi-layered art marketplace, the Biafarin ecosystem includes a multi-lingual portal, support team, and a network of art businesses.

For more information, contact opportunities@biafarin.com.

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