Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) - Call For Artists

Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) – Call For Artists

Master Performing Public Space (Netherlands) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] The Master Performing Public Space of Fontys School of Fine & Performing Arts in the Netherlands is looking for goal-oriented creatives, who are currently developing artistic work in public space. Are you a committed artist who wants to recreate public space as a shared space for social, political, and ethical confrontation?

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Deadline: 31 May 2021

European artists can apply till May 31, 2021. For non-EU students the deadline is March 31, 2021.

With a distance learning program, Fontys encourages creatives who are committed to society to enrich a current or new project in public space with an advanced artistic research. During this 1 year study program, students will be asked to reflect on their individual work in progress, and to co-investigate intervention practices in public space. Become part of an international network of like-minded artists and experience 3 intensive bootcamps in the Netherlands. This Master opens the door to a PhD, municipalities, and companies with an interest in public space.

Many art courses talk about innovation, but none have done so much to educate a new generation of artists than Fontys Arts in the Netherlands, with their new Master program, Performing Public Space. The mission of the program is to guide artists that wish to leave behind conventional spaces, that want to re-think and re-discover shared spaces. Creatives with a background in theatre, dance, circus, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts, and graphic design are welcome to join this program.

Take your profession to a next level with the advanced Master Performing Public Space starting in September 2021!

Master Performing Public Space Benefits

Artists will become part of an international network of artists and researchers. They will be introduced to multiple art forms and working methodologies, all focusing on creating art in public spaces. The fact that this is an international one-year master program will make every working group individual very multidisciplinary. You will be working with your own coach throughout the program, guiding you and your individual project.

“The combination of individual distant work and intensive group work is functional for this kind of program and offers a big agency to the artists.” – Danae Theodoridou, Program Coach

“Having an international network gives artists the possibility to understand and get different perspectives. And this is very important as artists, to have this discussion.” – Alessandro Carboni, Artist/Researcher

“I think something that’s really enriching about working as an artist in the public space is the direct contact with the passers-by.” – Vitória Aquino, Graduate 2018

“If we look outside of the traditional infrastructure, we see so many possibilities for art.” – Karen Neervoort, Dean of Fontys Arts

About Fontys

Fontys is a future-oriented university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and courses in various fields. Their mission: to provide inspiring, challenging, and excellent higher professional education and to conduct practice-oriented research that is truly meaningful to society.

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