Canvia (New Art And Tech Online Platform) - Call For Artists

Canvia (Online) – Call For Artists

Canvia (Online) – Call For Artists

Palacio is an arts and technology startup seeking artist contributions for their first project, Canvia, a new way of experiencing, promoting, and earning from art. Canvia is a digital display network that brings art into homes, offices, and hotels. The Canvia device uses smart technology to look like a real painting or print. It connects to an online library of art, enabling users to choose and explore works to suit changing moods, occasions, and contexts.

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Deadline: 31 Dec 2019

Following a successful pre-sales campaign (including many office and hotel customers), Palacio is expanding their library. They are interested in licensing the works of artists of all types and backgrounds as digital reproductions for use on the Canvia network. Your works would only be accessible to our users and the license does not affect any physical sales, prints, or displaying your work elsewhere online.

Canvia Artist Benefits

Canvia represents a unique and complementary avenue for artists to share their artworks to global audiences. Contributing artists’ works will be included in an online library accessible by over 1,000 (and growing) art enthusiasts in homes, offices, and hotels. Patent-pending technology ensures these works will be presented in an authentic manner on the Canvia displays, which are designed to look like real paintings and prints.

Inclusion of links to artist portfolios and sales platforms will help to drive traffic and boost online presence. In addition, Palacio is allocating 70% of subscription revenues to contributing artists who sign up now.

About Palacio

Palacio’s mission is simple: make every home a palace by introducing smart and beautiful decorative products. The Palacio team brings deep industry experience across connected devices, IOT, cloud technologies, and video and image processing, as well as art curation, art direction, advertising, and media production. This confluence of technology and creative thinking drives our innovation, combining cutting-edge technical design with an artistic sensibility to create entirely new ways of enhancing and experiencing the spaces in which we live and work.

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