Metahumans, Monsters, and Myths (Philadelphia, PA) - Call For Artists

Metahumans, Monsters, and Myths (Philadelphia, PA) – Call For Artists

Metahumans, Monsters, and Myths (Philadelphia, PA) – Call For Artists

Deja 42 Art Gallery is looking for artists who would like to showcase their work in their upcoming July exhibition, Metahumans, Monsters, and Myths. Creators are encouraged to submit their interpretations and visions of superheroes, super villains, mutants, super powers, creatures, gods and goddesses, myths, and stories both ancient and current, urban legends, demons and angels, witches, wizards, warlocks, and good and evil.

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Deadline: 2 Jul 2019

“My theory about why people like superheroes is that when we were kids, we all loved to read fairy tales. Fairy tales are all about things bigger than life: Giants, witches, trolls, dinosaurs and dragons and all sorts of imaginative things. Then you get a little bit older and you stop reading fairy tales, but you don’t ever outgrow your love of them.”
Stan Lee

A non-refundable entry fee of $20 is required for up to three artworks. If you would like to include detail images of your work, those are excepted at no additional cost.
 Please include contact information, artwork title, media and dimensions with your submission. It is preferable that artworks are for sale. All hanging work must be suitably framed to a professional standard. Work must be wired and ready for hanging. Canvases should have neat gallery wrapped edges. Accepted artists will be notified by Friday, July 4th , 2019.
  Pieces must be delivered to the gallery no later than Wednesday, July 10th, 2019. Deja 42 Art Gallery retains a 40% commission to gallery on all sold artwork.
 Opening reception is Saturday, July 13th, 2019.

Metahumans, Monsters, and Myths Artist Benefits

Chosen artists for Metahumans, Monsters, and Myths will be showcased in a gallery space located in the vibrant and eclectic East Passyunk Square area of South Philadelphia. Artists will have the opportunity to not only sell their work at a commission, but also sell prints and smaller pieces in a storefront retail space. Deja 42 Art Gallery promotes featured artists through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as the gallery’s website. Showing artists receive 60% of their retail ask. Openings are every second Saturday of the month. Openings draw a big crowd in an intimate space. This offers promotion, exposure, and open discussion among artists and potential buyers.

About Deja 42 Art Gallery

Deja 42 Art Gallery is a unique fine arts gallery and store of amazing objects. The gallery opened their doors at the beginning of April in the beautiful and lively area of East Passyunk in South Philadelphia. They have garnered much interest from both locals and visitors. Deja 42 goes beyond the traditional gallery space. The gallery offers artists and artisans the opportunity to showcase their work without the exclusivity of representation. They are open to all forms of media and sincerely welcome both emerging and established artists. Deja 42 is a proud member of the East Passyunk Business Improvement District. The district provides exposure and promotion for businesses in the East Passyunk Avenue area of metropolitan Philadelphia.

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