The Other Art Fair Dallas (May 2024) - Call For Artists

The Other Art Fair Dallas (May 2024) – Call For Artists

The Other Art Fair Dallas (May 2024) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] The Other Art Fair, presented by SaatchiArt, announces a call for artists for the 7th edition of The Other Art Fair Dallas, happening at Dallas Market Hall from May 9-12, 2024.

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Enter by: 21 January 2024

Artists that exhibit at The Other Art Fair Dallas gain access to unique marketing support from Saatchi Art, including:

  • Create a free profile on SaatchiArt. This profile opens you and your artwork to a worldwide base of art collectors, expanding your online community and reach.
  • The opportunity to be chosen by the curation and fair team for multiple Saatchi Art collections, exclusively highlighting artworks of The Other Art Fair exhibitors. These collections are promoted by Saatchi Art and The Other Art Fair.
  • The opportunity to be chosen as featured artwork for marketing pre-Fair by Saatchi Art and The Other Art Fair through email, web, and social promoting the edition of The Other Art Fair where you will be exhibiting.

Are you a first-time exhibitor? You belong here. The Fair provides support to artists, including:

  • A marketing workshop that provides helpful tips to inviting your community, no matter how small or large, plus inspiration for how to best curate your stand.
  • Personalized marketing assets that you can use on social media and email, to share with your contacts.
  • Access to an artist portal with logos, marketing assets, recorded workshops, and important details and deadlines, making marketing collateral easy to find.
  • A valued place in a community of artists that you can go to for friendship, advice, expertise, and support.

About The Other Art Fair

Presented by SaatchiArt, the world’s leading online art gallery, the Fair is a global gathering of creative thinkers, game changers, and pleasure seekers sharing emerging talent and unforgettable experiences. Set against the backdrop of the world’s biggest cities, each fair is different. The Fair combines boundary-pushing, yet always affordable, works with immersive installations, performances, and the odd tattoo or taxidermy class thrown in for good measure.

Art isn’t confined to convention or rule, and how you enjoy it shouldn’t be either. A place where art feels accessible, where everyone fits in, where the experience exists outside of four white walls and the same four artists? That’s not normal. That’s The Other Art Fair.

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