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Professional Contingency Visual Artist Recruitment

Recruiting the right visual artists is critical to your organization’s visibility and consistency of message, especially in terms of commitment to community engagement.

Side Arts is a consultative, solutions-based boutique professional search firm with global reach and borderless search capabilities. Our 15 year plus presence in the search business enables us to help our clients recruit visual artists that build consistent identity. The strength of our approach is best evidenced by the highest standards of process-driven ethical and professional recruitment. We treat all applicants with dignity and respect.

Our contingency recruitment is focused on single artist/artist team recruitment for requests for proposals including:

  • Percent for Art Programs
  • Creative Placemaking Projects
  • Other Public and Private Artwork Commissions

Our Process

The assessment and selection of outstanding talent has most often been described as an “art”, sometimes as a mystery, but rarely as a science. In fact, most art and management administrators rely on a “gut-feel” when making decisions. When calculating the cost of inaccurate or prolonged recruiting, many note the untold amount of lost hours, higher costs, and an administrative budget that far exceeds the actual project costs.

Our search fulfillment process is time-tested and ensures a superior talent acquisition strategy that enables our clients to accurately assess each candidate’s performance profile as well as the cultural “fit” for the specific opportunity. Most importantly, we provide our clients with the data they need to make sound decisions in the selection process. The following outlines our three phase approach to search fulfillment and outstanding results.

Phase I – Comprehensive Needs Analysis

Our initial step in the process is to build the framework for a successful search through a thorough “have and needs” analysis. We conduct a facilitated process with the appropriate administrators on the selection team that enables us to gain a thorough understanding of the organization’s operations and objectives, clearly define the specific requirements and performance objectives for the opportunity, and build a consensus among the team as to the key competencies and attributes required to execute on their objectives.

Phase 2 – Research and Promotion

We then conduct targeted research for each assignment we undertake, including in-depth direct sourcing of target artists. Our highly-focused research capabilities, combined with our extensive network, are routinely drawn upon to utilize all available sources, contacts and industry expertise.

Promotion includes highly-targeted expertise, demographic, and geographic advertising including blog, PR, social media, and search engine optimized ads.

Phase 3 – Candidate Development and Presentation

We identify and approach individuals whose experience, credentials, skills and accomplishments are appropriate for the opportunity. Subsequently, utilizing our time-tested interviewing techniques, we conduct in-depth interviews of the top five or six candidates, matching them against the client’s recruiting objectives to narrow the field to a semifinal group of candidates.

We will present a panel of finalists with detailed profiles on each candidate, to include documents relevant to the position that are prepared by the candidate for client review. Follow up with those selected for the final application process to expedite deadlines being met.


Todd Hestand
Todd Hestand, Founder, Side Arts, is an artist, entrepreneur, and business adviser. He has over fifteen years experience providing executive-level recruitment services for organizations in the creative economy, public arts programs, and Fortune 1000 companies. His previous experience includes individual consulting, teaching courses, and developing programs for entrepreneurially-minded artists.

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