Call For Artists in NYC

Call For Artists in NYC

SciArt Center – Un-Natural Nature will begin as a virtual exhibition on A new page on the website will be created, and will feature:

  • 1-5 images of each artist’s work
  • 1 paragraph artist statement
  • Link to Resume/CV
  • Links to social media pages and websites
  • A feature article written by curator Danielle Kalamaras will be published in the October issue of SciArt in America. Artists will also be featured in articles published on the SciArt in America blog.

The exhibition will become a gallery exhibition or pop-up show in the near future.

Click here to apply.

Email entry form and JPeg images to . Visit and for details

About the theme: Nature today is a push and pull between preservation and expansion. As urban sprawl continues to domineer, the organic world is transitioning from a natural occurrence to a corralled phenomenon. The man-made world reorients our perception and nature is becoming less organic, and more mediated. As nature gives way to the man-made jungle, how does this affect our reflection of the Sublime? Un-Natural Nature will explore the ever-changing landscapes of a 21st century world.

Deadline: 9/5/2014.

At SciArt Center, we think artists and scientists seek answers to the same fundamental questions: who are we, why are we here, and where are we going? Both art and science build models of human experience in order to extend the boundaries of human capacity. Despite this common ground, artists and scientists are too often separate in their endeavors. We provide support and promote cross-disciplinary approaches and interactions.

SciArt Center offers a variety of online resources for our members and also hosts an assortment of programming. Through science-themed exhibits, film screenings, workshops, speaker series, and our bimonthly magazine SciArt in America, we aim to stimulate and cultivate the growth of partnerships between the arts and sciences in the real world too, hosting pop-up exhibits and various events spanning Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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