Gallery Membership Opportunity

Gallery Membership Opportunity

Twenty-Two Gallery – We are a member gallery which is similar to a cooperative, but with less responsibilities and more benefits to the artists.  There is an artist’s participation which is in the form of a membership fee and responsibilities. We offer 3 levels of membership:

  • “Associate Member” – A $50 per month member fee and a low 15% commission will apply. No gallery sitting is required. Artist’s work is shown in 2 member group shows per year. “Associate Members” are first in line to be considered for “Full Member” status, if they wish.
  • “Full Member” – A $100 per month member fee and a low 15% commission will apply.  Also, artists gallery sit only one day per month. Artist’s work is shown year round on the member area walls & artist is offered a solo show every 1 1/2 to 2 years.
  • “Non-Sitting Full Member” – A $150 per month member fee and is the same as a “Full Member” but no gallery sitting is required.

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Deadline: Ongoing.

There is no restrictions on the artist as far as showing elsewhere. We like to have a 1 year commitment from our artists. Please let me know if you would have an interest in this type of an arrangement.

Since 2003, Twenty-Two Gallery has been showing local emerging and established artist’s work. The gallery represents artist members that work in many mediums including oil, pastel, watercolor, photography, sculpture, various printing processes as well as mixed media. This bright space with great light, nestled in Philadelphia’s premier neighborhood Rittenhouse Square, has art openings monthly on the “Second Friday” of each month. These openings include an artist’s reception from 6PM to 9 PM each month.

While the majority of the space is reserved for a solo artist’s show, the back area of the gallery will always show a sampling of the other artist members’ work. We pride ourselves in showing a wonderful variety of quality artwork appealing to all tastes.

Included in the stable of artists represented is the photo artwork of the owner’s grandfather, Bruce Murray, Sr. (1893-1969). This photographic archive spans over 50 years, capturing decades of historical, sports and Americana imagery in fine art black & white original photography.

The gallery also has periodic musical concerts. These concerts provide classical, jazz and singer-songwriter musicians a wonderful intimate venue to showcase their talents.

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