T.I.N.A. Prize - Call for Artists

T.I.N.A. Prize – Call for Artists

T.I.N.A. is an international platform that allows artist to get in touch with a network of galleries, exhibition spaces, and curators interested in evaluating new artists, organizing solo exhibitions, and starting new business relationships. There are currently three editions of the T.I.N.A. Prize and it is possible to subscribe for the city of Lisboa (4 galleries), Los Angeles (5 Galleries) and São Paulo (7 galleries).

Call for artists application

Deadline: 30 Sept 2015

New cities will be added in the coming months and during each season new editions will start, with a jury composed of different galleries based in the selected cities, offering new opportunities during the whole year.

The subscription to T.I.N.A. Prize is open to all artists, regardless of age, nationality, thoughts, technique, or any other qualification. All artists are free to participate to the various editions choosing each time one or more cities. They will interact with an international team of curators, every edition different and constantly growing, and with galleries composing the jury sorted by city.

Each gallery will evaluate the work of all participating artists. It will choose its favourites and nominate a winner to organize a solo exhibition. Each gallery will appoint a winner. In the current edition we will have 16 winners with 4 solo exhibitions in Lisboa, 5 solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, and 7 solo exhibitions in São Paulo.

Each season we open a new call in three different cities worldwide.

For more information, contact info@tinaprize.com.

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