XO, Dumbo - Call for Artists

XO, Dumbo – Call for Artists

Drawing upon both 5 Front’s history, ArtBridge is looking for an artist/a team of artists who are able to visually communicate the quirky, contemporary climate of Dumbo while paying homage to its history and situation as a Historic Landmark District.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 11 Nov 2015

When drafting the proposal, artists must give special consideration to the colors and forms of the surrounding architecture and neighborhood. Dumbo is marked by the convergence of new and old; many of the original buildings that were built to be centers of industrial production remain, but were repurposed for residential occupation, artists studios and small businesses. 5 Front Street is no exception, as it was built in 1834–plans for the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge were discussed there. Its exterior has been largely unchanged, until now.

ArtBridge will provide an honorarium to the selected artist and all materials will be generously provided by Liquitex.

ArtBridge empowers emerging artists to transform urban spaces. New York City currently has a staggering 192 miles of street-level construction scaffolding. This ubiquitous construction eats away at the fabric of our neighborhoods. ArtBridge transforms this eyesore into a canvas for local, emerging artists. These exhibitions result in incredible exposure for artists, while artfully reinvigorating our urban landscape.

For more information, contact info@art-bridge.org.

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