Somerville Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival - Call for Artists

Somerville Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival – Call for Artists

JC Promotions announces a call for artists for the Somerville Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 1 Apr 2016

The Somerville Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival is a juried event. The jury requires five photos of your work and one to two images of your outdoor set up (digital images preferred). White or light beige canopies are required. Absolutely no retail, buy and sell, or imported items are allowed. This is strictly for artisans who create their own work.

JC produces a multiplicity of events and each one features a particular category of vendor. For example, we do not allow retail or buy and sell at our art and crafts festivals, just as we do not invite crafters to our vintage fairs. The purpose of disclosing this is so that artisans are assured that we will not comprise the integrity of our juried events by bringing in non-conforming exhibitors.

Somerville Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival

In business for 30+ years, JC works with over fifty organizations throughout the year. We run these events as fundraisers or as a way to bring people into an area to showcase a town’s downtown-shopping district.

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