PlatteForum’s Artist Residency 2017-18 - Call For Artists

PlatteForum’s Artist Residency – Call For Artists

PlatteForum’s Artist Residency – Call For Artists

PlatteForum’s Artist Residency program supports contemporary artists as they work. The goal is to strengthen individual practice through collaboration and community engagement.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 3 Apr 2017

Residencies are designed to celebrate creativity and foster and challenge artists to incorporate social practice or narrative into their process. Each resident artist becomes a catalyst for innovative and expansive thinking about what art is and can be.

While artists share their creative process and work with youth, PlatteForum gives guidance and ongoing support throughout each artist residency and beyond. Such support generates dialogue with the larger community about the role of the artist in society. Located in a rich urban context, PlatteForum’s dynamic, artist-centered residencies engage this community in the creation of new work where artists, youth, and the public collaborate.

Preference will be given to artists whose work addresses the larger questions in our world today such as race, class, social, and ecological issues. In doing this, PlatteForum hopes to provoke dialogue that helps shape our public narratives and cultural conversations. Residency Schedule: September 2017 – August 2018.

PlatteForum’s Artist Residency benefits:

  • Six-to-eight-week residency. A weekly stipend ($250).
  • Share ideas with and demonstrate process to a diverse group of youth in structured workshops. Approximately 4-6 hours per week and supported by staff.
  • The contemporary facility is over 4,000 square feet with dedicated open studio (2,000 square feet) and surrounded by staff offices, kitchen, and restrooms.
  • Out-of-town artists will receive guest housing provided by members of the PlatteForum community.
  • Computer, wireless internet, and wireless printers are available throughout the facility.

Residencies at PlatteForum are competitive with over 100 applications and only five slots awarded each year. Each residency gives the artist the time, space, and support to extend their work and share their ideas with the public. Artistic excellence, innovative ideas for engagement and collaboration with the public, and a diversity of ideas, genres, and methodologies are paramount in selecting artists. There are four available slots in PlatteForum’s Artist Residency program each season.

A strong theme of PlatteForum’s Artist Residency is strengthening individual practice through collaboration. Resident artists dedicate 4-6 hours each week to work with a small group of underserved youth, K-12, in intensive workshops. In collaboration with PlatteForum staff, the Artist in Residence will concept, organize, and facilitate a series of youth workshops. Each residency culminates in a public reception where the work and ideas of the creative resident and youth are presented through a performance, exhibition, or artist talk, or seminar. This depends on the kind of work created by the artist resident and the youth.

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