The Hour After - Call For Artists From Mad Rex Philadelphia

The Hour After – Call For Artists

The Hour After – Call For Artists

Mad Rex is looking for artists to showcase and sell their work during our 7pm-9pm Wednesday The Hour After event. As a post-apocalyptic restaurant, Mad Rex provides space for a bazaar where local businesses, artists, and survivors can meet at a central watering hole. The trading post is open every Wednesday.

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Deadline: Ongoing

There is no fee to participate.  The Hour After networking event provides a complementary space with a unique atmosphere to showcase artwork. The Hour After is a high traffic event during the restaurant’s happy hour. This is a reoccurring weekly event. Artists may participate multiple times throughout the year. They receive 20% off all food and drinks the night they participate.

About Mad Rex

Mad Rex is a post-apocalyptic themed restaurant and virtual reality lounge. The concept was designed specifically with Philadelphia in mind. Customers pay to rent a VR headset which comes loaded with games and videos for them to watch. They can check out the specially-developed VREX lounge with curated content. Mad Rex has hired local artists to design each aspect of the restaurant including the bar top, graffiti-covered crashed plane coming through the ceiling, and costumes that adorn mannequins all over the restaurant.

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