Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018 - Call For South Carolina Artists

Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018 – Call For Artists

Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018 – Call For Artists

The City of Mauldin and the Mauldin Cultural Council in Mauldin, SC invite South Carolina based visual artists, working solo or as a team, to submit qualifications for the Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018. The selected artist/team will create work that reflects the specific theme “Industry of the Upstate.” The maximum budget for the project is $15,000 – inclusive of all artist fees, materials, travel, and construction.

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Deadline: 16 Apr 2018

The Public Art Trail lines the perimeter of the outdoor amphitheater at the Mauldin Cultural Center. A new work will be commissioned each year to fill the nine (9) pre-approved sites along the perimeter. All nine sites will be filled within ten years. For each year after the first ten years, the oldest installation will be replaced. This will result in a new slate of nine pieces of artwork every ten years. Retired artworks will be relocated to other areas around the community.

Artists must be a resident of the state of South Carolina during the duration of the project. Non-resident students enrolled in collegiate programs at South Carolina universities/colleges are not eligible. For artist teams, all members must qualify under these residency guidelines. Artists must demonstrate experience in public art projects. They must have experience with creating public art works with lifespans of ten (10) years or more. Artists working in any medium are welcome; however the work must withstand seasonal change over ten years, public interaction, and be self-sufficient.

The Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018 theme “Industry of the Upstate” was selected to recognize the ever-changing face of industry within the Upstate. From the mills and textiles of the past to the small businesses and large corporations of today, industry plays an integral role in the economic opportunity and prosperity of the region.

Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018 Artist Benefits

The outcome will include one complete art work made ready for public presentation. It will be installed at the Mauldin Cultural Center around the outdoor amphitheater. Artist must be available for a public unveiling, related press events, and marketing development. The artist will be responsible for documenting work on the project from conception to installation. Documentation could be in the form of video, artist’s book, print materials, selected objects created/exhibited as a part of the project, or other appropriate documentation agreed upon. The City of Mauldin will document the progress of the project through similar means.

The Mauldin Public Art Trail 2018 artist will receive $15,000 to complete the project. The artist’s work will remain on display along the Mauldin Public Art Trail for ten (10) years. It will feature a plaque featuring the artist’s statement. The artist statement, bio, and links to his/her portfolio will be included on the trail website. The artist will be recognized at a public ceremony where the piece will be unveiled. The media and general members of the public are invited to the ceremony. The artist will be allowed to speak about the piece and process and take time for Q & A.

About the City of Mauldin

The City of Mauldin’s Office of Cultural Affairs created the Mauldin Public Art Trail in December 2014. This program seeks to beautify the community with public art displays created by South Carolina artists.

The Mauldin Cultural Center (MCC) is the product of community partners with the vision of developing a cultural center for the City of Mauldin. Originally Mauldin High School, and later Mauldin Elementary School, the building was constructed in 1937 as a WPA Project and has since seen a few minor updates as the schools grew. In 2003, the City of Mauldin began the process of purchasing the 14 acre property as the first step toward creating a City Center.

The City constructed the Mauldin Sports Center as the first phase of this initiative on the property and then turned attention to the old school building, developing it into the Mauldin Cultural Center. A city-owned property, MCC is managed under the Office of Cultural Affairs, which continually works to improve and renovate the building and surrounding grounds.

Currently, MCC hosts almost 30,000 people and more than 1,000 events annually. They offer a wide-range of arts education classes, live concerts, theater performances, comedy, art exhibits, a public art trail, and other community events.

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