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Self Visualization For Maximum Good

Self-visualization for Maximum Good

This article is part of a series which is being expanded into a publication. The primary focus is Maximum Good, the changes we make that improve creativity, quality of life, and community. Click here to for the Introduction to Maximum Good. Follow along at

Self-visualization is thinking in advance about the most positive outcome can be before starting any new activity. Consider thinking about what it is going to be like when we finish, how we are going to feel, and what is realistic.

Consider the following

There is a range of ways that this can be done. Before starting anything new – any new work of art, our new job, or the beginning of our day – consider what outcome of this will make you feel good. Close your eyes for two minutes and think about how a positive outcome will feel.

One of the reasons why this is important to do is that most times there are obstacles that we will confront in new situations. It can be easy to give up when starting something new when faced with these obstacles.

Having a positive mindset going into the new task about what the final outcome is going to be is beneficial. If we think about the positive outcome before starting any new activity, then it is more likely that those obstacles will seem lessened. Try taking some time to think in advance.

Create an image. We can make vision boards made of of positive things which motivate us. These can be cut outs or hand made. We can use a work of art to focus on whether it is one of ours or something which inspires us, even if it is just an image displayed on our phone.

Try writing or reading daily affirmations. These are statements about positive beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. We can use the same phrase every day or try to vary them. They can be aspirational and read at a set time every day, usually in the morning. It can be note that says, “Today, I’m going to have a good day” kept near where we sleep so it is seen every time we wake up. Keep them someplace where we are most likely to see them.

The physical act of writing the same note daily can be helpful, too. It makes the thought process even more tactile.

Consider trying to write out our goals. What are they? What do you want to achieve? Sometimes the best thing is getting through the day ahead of us.

Self-visualization for Maximum Good

Exercise – Get started now

  • Try a self-visualization technique before starting a new activity
  • Create a vision board
  • Write and read daily affirmations
  • Write and read short and long term goals
  • Search online for examples of other self-visualization techniques that you can do daily

Throughout the Maximum Good series, I will present several exercises. Some are going to be new for you and others will be familiar. Try self-visualizing success before you start any one of them give them. Try thinking positively about a successful outcome before we try each activity.

Think positively that you’re going to have a good day today.

Todd Hestand is the Founder of Side Arts, as well as a classically-trained musician, singer, and artist. For over eight years, he has been the Manager of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy in Philadelphia. The Center provides professional development support in the form of grants, courses, lectures, and individual consulting for creatives. For over eight years, he has developed programming and taught programs at The University of the Arts, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University, the Business Resource and Innovation Center at the Free Library of Philadelphia, and several Philadelphia area non-profit arts and community development organizations.

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