Joe Tantillo [Certified Member - Side Arts]

Joe Tantillo [Certified Member – Side Arts]

Joe Tantillo [Certified Member – Side Arts]

Joe Tantillo is a Side Arts Certified Member and award-winning digital artist, photographer, and graphic designer who pursues the creative possibilities of a digital art world and invents new abstract digital animations. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries in the Hudson Valley, where he now lives, and in Manhattan, Connecticut, and Vermont.

His career has spanned many genres including book publishing and graphic design, advertising agency ownership, and being a fine artist and a local Hudson Valley historian. His design studio in New Haven, Connecticut, won 35 national and international awards.

He recently was named a Gold winner in the Abstract Photography category for the Art Folio 2020, forthcoming in January. He is a native of New Paltz, New York, and a graduate of the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University.

Creative Career

Over five decades, Joe Tantillo has evolved from following traditional 20th-century mentors drawn from surrealism, the bauhaus movement, and abstract expressionism to creating his own visions of 21st-century conceptualizations. The new possibilities of an art world captured in digital photographic images and the invention of new abstract digital pieces that meld elements of nature with rusting 20th-century classic cars and locomotives and other manmade detritus into original compositions has driven his work even further.

With his expansion into audience interaction and 3D video creations, Joe uses a blend of traditional art and computer software techniques to create unique, non-traditional 21st-century art pieces and animations.

He started his career working as a graphic designer while continuing as an abstract expressionist painter. His graphic design work brought him into the world of digital tools, and he became fluent in Adobe Photoshop from the inception of that software in 1990, later learning how to make 3D fractals and exploring other animation computer programs. In 2000, he began his quest to put these techniques to use in his creative work and turned his attention to landscapes and nature photography. His abstract art with paint and brushes had always been making images from an inward viewpoint— digital nature photography became an opposing counterpoint.

Joe Tantillo

A Dynamic Approach

This dynamic created a search for a merger of both the observed image and the expansion of that image into a new form. Joe achieved this by making abstracts using multiple layers of the photographic images that he’d taken over the past decade and by using computer programs and skills learned as a graphic designer that allowed him to achieve something new, abstract, conceptual and satisfying, which was based in reality but turned into a new and unique form.

The true excitement for Joe Tantillo was creating from a collection of his photos in a direct approach, letting the process drive the final image, a spontaneous process that as he layered and mixed and then added drawing elements, took on something new before his eyes, and that image could then change in a fraction of a second by modifying the image into a new form. As the artist worked, the piece became solidified, and it would suddenly be done.

The melting pot of images would have condensed into the “it” that allowed conscious and unconscious—skill and randomness—to make a new image using 21st-century technology as the only means to attain this. Joe has now turned his attention to animating his concepts and is in the process of creating an installation that is interactive with animation, fractal elements, and midi sound controllers that will make each visit to this installation one of a kind for the participants.

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